“Veiltail” carp

In recent years, and especially in the last two years, there has been increased attention of buyers to this specific form of koi carp as a “veiltail” carp. Its other names – “Ghost”, “butterfly”, “Voile”, “dragon” and so on. In our newsletter we decided to devote special attention to this specific form of carp.

In order to properly “place” such an interesting fish to a buyer, it is worth to mention the problem of its origin. Traditionally it is believed that the “veil” carp is a hybrid of a goldfish, especially comets, carp and traditional koi different variations.

We do not know reliably, what is the situation in Ukraine and on the territory of the Russian Federation known positive experiments of this crossing. However, to receive the intelligible F2 generation of such offspring is impossible, the fish loses the specific characteristics of the species, externally, it’s not like the “veil” of carp, lose the mustache, “leaves” in carp and gets symptoms of degeneration. There are also quite a scientific concept of the origin of the veiltail forms within species through a long process of breeding selection. However, it suffers from incompleteness – the real “veil” carp in the dynamics of its development resembles the traditional carp, the development and selection forms must remind razvijenog.

Just to talk about suppliers and manufacturers? All suppliers of Japanese koi, usually the elite, consider the “veil” of common carp and carp are not breeding. The same view is held by most fans – breeders, they believe “the veil” carp unworthy of his attention. Asian manufacturers have carefully kept their secrets, their manufacturers are just manufacturers, they do not disclose details, referring to bad knowledge of English. We will present my humble point of view. Judging by the slow dynamics of development, on a prevailing presence in the first generation “bescherung” forms veiltail carp – breeding is a form of carp koi with the obligatory presence in the gene pool of chromosomes usual goldfish.

What makes “the veil” from the usual nishikigoi?

First, the development and growth of carp veiltail very slow and specific. With certainty we can say that a thirty-degree size “veiltail” koi reaches only to three years, and is sixty / seventy cm in size they reach to six or seven years. That’s why in Asian flows are virtually absent veiltail carp large – grow them unprofitable. In addition, a growing veiltail carp may lose your veil and carp signs, – with a sufficient degree a probability of fish can degrade. All of these symptoms are uncharacteristic of the traditional carp.

Secondly, the distinction by species, which we do in its price, is rather arbitrary. Neither supplier makes breed differences “veiltail” carp – they are always sold as a mix, sometimes emit platinum into a separate category. We, at the risk of incurring the wrath of fans Karpov, draw a distinction on the rocks at your own risk. The distinction is rather arbitrary – most of the forms of the slit, suppliers produce fish, not breed differences accentuating the manufacturer, so we manually perform the selection in Aquarella complex.

Thirdly, the content veiltail carp differs from regular nishikigoi. Veiltail carp more “aquarium” – he is more demanding of water parameters, its temperature, the quality of the cleaning and feeding regime. If the normal nishikigoi will easily take the absence of food with excessive protein, veiltail just requires a feed with a minimum of 30% protein, it is also desirable that the stern was present in the protein and three kinds of essential vitamins. In addition, if the common carp in the presence of special structure in a non-freezing pond, it may survive the winter when food availability and oxygen, veiltail’t.

Thus, we can say that the veiltail carp began to gain a foothold in the market of aquarium fish Russian Federation. The success of the summer trade of aquarium fish began to depend on the availability of show aquariums pet stores veiltail koi carp. Buyers of retail chains that have, as a rule, land, observing the aesthetics of the veiltail fish are becoming interested in pond fish and all associated equipment. We note that our veiltail carps imported from Israel, where they begin to follow the trends of the market, and pay a lot of attention not only to the quality of the breed veiltail carp, but also its biological safety. We, our side, guarantee not only conform to the breed and size, but also the lack of typical carp diseases. Carefully study our prices and pay attention to the evolution of the product line in it, – we buy what is sold, following the dynamics of the demand.

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