Useful properties of sea fish

Fish on our table appears, not every day. Meanwhile, fish, especially marine, are much healthier for our body than meat of domestic animals. Poultry meat is also inferior to the fish on a number of essential vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These acids actively lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

A marked decline in cases of heart attack and stroke, as well as, the cessation of development of diseases of the joints. Long-term experiments were carried out with the participation of a sufficient number of volunteer groups, which strictly adhere to a specially designed diet. On the basis of the results obtained and the conclusions were made about the healing properties of products made from marine fish.

There is an opinion that food prepared from fish, are less nutritious than meat meal. However, this is a common misconception. Because the feeling of hunger occurs when the stomach stops digesting food. And the process of digestion of meat significantly more time than the absorption of fish dishes. Therefore we can say that the feeling of saturation does not depend on the nutritional value of the product. People often feel hunger even when the body does not need in the meal. Most likely, the feeling of hunger arises from a certain state of systematisierung. Therefore, fish consumed with sufficient amount of vegetables.

Particularly relevant fish diet for the elderly. Because the secretion of the digestive system of the elderly is markedly reduced. And products from fish are very easily digested and assimilated by our body. If you take the meat of warm-blooded animal, you can see a sufficient amount of coarse connective tissue, which after heat treatment will remain solid. So, this food is not suitable for the diet. In fish connective tissue is much less, hence the ease with which fish is digested by our digestive tract.

Fish oil also significantly different from animal fat. Fat fish should remain liquid even at very low temperatures. And the ease with which any fat is digested by the body, depends on the temperature of its melting point is close to the temperature of our body. It is known that animal fat is more refractory, and hence a noticeable difference in favor of fish oil. This fat has no harmful effects on the body of the elderly, moreover, fish oil contains highly unsaturated fatty acids, which are prophylactic against the development of atherosclerosis.

There are several important for our body highly unsaturated fatty acids. Such acids the body cannot synthesize and therefore must obtain them in food. The most valuable highly unsaturated fatty acids are linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acid. With a lack of these acids, the body suffers serious vitamin hunger. These acids and contains fish oil. The drug, which contains these elements is called vitamin G.

The number of extractive (soluble) substances, the fish stock is superior to any meat broths. The broth has a stimulating effect on the secretion of gastric juice. This is especially important for patients with gastritis.

Sea bream, mackerel, horse mackerel, tuna. All the meat of these fish is a natural protein concentrate is the most valuable. Very useful this fish just get down and not be roasting.

Sea fish is a natural food protein that meat contains up to 2% fat and no more. However, fish with high fat content (up to 22%). This fish is delicious and has excellent taste.

If we consider the physiological usefulness of any food, then first of all pay attention to presence of microelements and macroelements. Macro elements are called substances, which are contained in the amount of more than 0.5 milligrams per 100 grams of raw product. If substances are contained in smaller quantities, under the same conditions, then we say the trace elements.

The most important trace element in the meat of marine fish is iodine. In smaller quantities contains manganese and copper. All of these trace elements are actively involved in the normal metabolism of our body. For example, cod meat contains 2000 times more iodine than beef.

Many of the elements found in fish, included in the structure of the organic substances of our body. It is widely known that the hemoglobin of human blood contains iron salts. If the body lacks iron, you develop anemia. Salt potassium takes part in the work of the heart. Calcium and sodium are contained in the cortex. Salt calcium forms bone tissue, regulates heart muscle and nervous system. It should again be emphasized that the maximum amount of necessary salts and minerals the body receives a combination of fish meat with vegetable garnish. So the side dishes from cereals and pasta to fish is better not to file.

Very healthy meals of small fish. In this case, the fish is eaten together with bones. Therefore, in such foods, especially a lot of calcium and phosphorus.

In conclusion it can be concluded: marine fish is the most balanced diet product that daily needs to be on our table.

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Useful properties of sea fish
Fish on our table appears, not every day. Meanwhile, fish, especially marine, are much healthier for our body than meat of domestic animals. Poultry meat is also inferior to the…

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