Today we meet the plane

As we reported earlier. long before the sanctions, closed to European products the way to Russia, we established a supply of seafood from the Indian ocean. So in our menu appeared tropical fish rare breeds, and today for our guests is not exotic lunch Fish-Parrot, red Emperor, Meru, Mach-Mach and other exotic inhabitants of the marine realm, exclusive supply planes and a restaurant chain Porto Maltese.

To help our guests we have prepared a description of the overseas trophies, with illustrations, by which coming to Barca crushed ice, it is always possible to “recognize” what a miracle sea in front of you.


This fish, already a favorite with guests of Porto Maltese, is often called the stone perch or sea perch. Color is different, but mostly chocolate tones.

Reaches huge dimensions, length up to 1,5 m, weight – over 100 kg. Desperate predator, maybe even the attack on the diver. But not for the purpose to eat, and wanting to deter, to defend their territory. Meat is delicious, white, dense and malacolite. The density of texture, taste and aroma, many compare the Measure with the Beluga .


The name means “strong-strong” for a desperate resistance when popadaniya hook. The length reaches two meters and weight 30 kg. Large fish, reaching a length of 150-200 cm and weight up to 30 kg. Very active, and is kept alone, it is difficult to catch. Also refers to okunevy, that is a predator, it feeds on a high-speed sea creatures – flying fish and squid. The color of Mahi-Mahi is extremely bright, the shape is unique. Not to be confused! The taste is also unique, as commented by one of the guests of Porto Maltese, when we asked what it’s like Mahi-Mahi: “very tasty, hard to describe. Maybe only remotely resembles Dorado…”


The dream of every fisherman, the first place in the list of desired trophies. Trying to break free, the blue Marlin makes a series of violent jumps, starts to fight and squirm in the air long before the fishermen can push him to the boat. Powerful beautiful fish, jumping 2 meters and more of water – the sight is unforgettable and unique. Respecting Marlin for strength, speed and entertainment, the European anglers being on a tropical fishing, it most often released. And only in the best restaurants you can sample the dish of the Marlin is a rare delicacy. In restaurants chain Porto Maltese is delivered by plane for the first time, directly from Sri Lanka immediately after the catch. To ask our guests about the taste could not before. But here is what writes our compatriot about Merlin: “Even in Sri Lanka usual incomparable delicious fish Marlin

Parrot fish

Pearl coral reefs, has a very bright and beautiful coloring of different colors, reaches a length of 1.3 m. Although it belongs to okunevy mainly feeds on young corals, and mollusks. Parrot fish got its name not only bright color but also for their “beak” consisting of two separated by a seam plates on each jaw and enables the fish to scrape algae from coral and the surfaces of the stones. Sometimes “bites” careless swimmers. But the restaurant chain Porto Maltese, no one was hurt. But many for the first time tasted and appreciated the taste of this tropical beauty.

To describe the taste is impossible, here are the words of one of our guests: “In Porto tried everything, I am hard to surprise. But the taste of Fish-Parrot. I didn’t expect that !”.

Sizepolicy snapper

Very rare on Porto Maltese fish, compact size to 4 pounds. Lives in packs on coral reefs, especially in the Australian Great Barrier Reef. It feeds on small fish, cephalopods and crustaceans. Chefs dislike it for the spines of the fins with which to Tinker. Taking Lucian for the first time, still nobody tried it. But they say that the taste is a wonderful fish with a rather dense white meat, which is rich in protein but low in fat.

What kind of strange fish to taste, you decide for yourself. But definitely worth a try! Moreover, prices for trophy fishermen from Sri Lanka not going through the roof, they are in the usual menu prices Porto Maltese.

The only “but” that may disappoint those who tuned in to try tropical fish is the unpredictability of the catch. As always happens in the case when the restaurant is not grown somewhere, and caught wild fish, caught one today, another tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow is the third. Everything is like a lottery, because in order this fish is not caught. So if you would like to try something specific – Parrot fish or fish Mach-Mach, or Marlin fillets, or, contrary to expectations, become a pioneer of taste Cinepolis Lucian, – call us in advance and make sure that what the fish supply from Sri Lanka is in today’s proposal.

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