The mysterious inhabitants of the deep sea

Of great interest to researchers are the mysteries of the deep sea. Several generations of scientists, trying to see if dwelling in the water basins of our planet intelligent beings. And this is not surprising because nearly 70% of our planet is covered by water, and mankind knows so little about life in this environment.

And it is natural that researchers try as far as possible to penetrate through the water and look into the mysteries of the deep sea . Some researchers, voicing their opinions about the mystery of the seas, suggest that there may be intelligent beings dwell. It would be surprising if evolution is not generated in this environment own civilization — according to the researchers.

What gives the researchers a reason to assume. under terrible pressure, in the darkness and silence of the seabed, can be inhabited by a mysterious and intelligent ikhtiandry? It will have to turn to the words of eyewitnesses, often people military specialty. They are the ones who mostly have to deal with the unknown inhabitants of the seas.

Of course, most of this record 10-30 years ago, when witnesses of anomalous phenomena in the sea, to our time resigned. And today, they can tell what they faced on the open sea. After all, in our time, informatsioonogo kind, is overseen by the relevant services.

Any phenomena not had to meet the sailors — “the Quakers “, and “glow stars”, sometimes accompanying ships. Night lights shining from the abyss of the depths like a searchlight.

Night lights from the abyss.

Sometimes, in the Black sea going ships, at night see the amazing phenomenon, which bears an anomalous character. Notice as lookouts around the ship, or directly under it, there are big fluorescent spot light. It’s powerful, like a night — light spot rising from the abyss of the sea. Rising to the surface, they are organized in large, rotating like the spokes of a wheel.

This phenomenon was explained with the help of plankton. However, very often the spokes spinning against the will of the waves and wind. Thereby refuting their planktonic origin. Anyway, the version with the plankton more like fiction. It turns out that plankton has a collective mind, writing out intricate shapes. And also is able to generate a tremendous flow of energy, emitting rays of light that in reality is not possible.

Length dancing light spokes, on average, about 20 minutes. In rare cases, an abnormal phenomenon lasted for more than an hour. In 1977, a similar phenomenon faced team expedition vessel Vladimir Vorobiev. The sailors saw at a distance of about 200 meters around the ship swirled bright light spot. When it rotates counter-clockwise.

In some time in this dance, the spot suddenly divided into eight parts. According to eyewitnesses, it was amazing and frightening uncertain thing. Besides, the light spot was not so simple. As recorded by the echo sounder under the keel of the ship at a depth of 20 meters, is the object of great mass. From him, and ran bright streams of light of 8 rays, similar to turbine blades.

This kind of abnormal phenomenon has received the name “curly”. Because often the witnesses of this event, then showed simple geometric shapes — diamonds, squares, ovals, circles and triangles. According to the American Professor A. Sanderson, all events must be carefully fix. It is quite likely that in a similar way underwater civilization is trying to establish a connection with living on land. And all the information gathered, thoroughly examined.

And it is possible that the time will come when people will be able to understand the “language” in which you try to communicate with him the inhabitants of the seas. According to officers of the Navy who served in the Soviet Union, in the depths of the sea hides some sort of “third force”. During the “cold war” encounters with marine creatures tried to install both the USSR and the USA. With the aim to enlist the support of the marine ally, but the attempts were not successful.

However, according to Russian scientist A. N. Smirnova, Professor of MIREA, a specialist in the field of properties of water, nor any secrets here does not exist. Depending on external factors /weather, flow, solar radiation/ water acquires different properties.

And such glow, spiral wheel, can be explained from the point of view of physics. The process of concentration of energy to the huge amount of excited molecules. Originating in one place can migrate with the current, so that the illumination and the Quakers are not assigned to one place.

Although the generated electromagnetic radiation, the phenomenon is not dangerous, but can create problems of communication, and make noise in precision electromagnetic devices.

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