The most undemanding aquarium fish

If you’re going to have aquarium fish, but the experience you have, then you will find useful my list of the most unpretentious fish, well-bred at home.

In the first place unpretentiousness and simplicity of the content, in the opinion of many aquarists, it is possible to put such a tiny, but very beautiful and colorful guppies .

Males of these fish have very bright coloration of the tail and fins.

Females look a lot more modest, so for decoration you can keep more males and females only for breeding.

Guppies are live-bearing fish, so trouble their progeny you don’t deliver. Simply isolate the pregnant female in a separate tank where she can safely give birth and the fry will grow enough to be transplanted in a common aquarium .

The simplicity of these tiny fish is that they can withstand even heavy conditions for living, as it is not maintaining temperature, inadequate aeration of the aquarium and poor nutrition.

I do not urge to mock the fish are not feeding them and not watching the aquarium, but the fact of the increased survivability of these fish is undoubted.

These fish also are characterized by bright coloration of the males, and their main difference from other aquarium fish is a long xiphoid process at the bottom edge of the caudal fin.

Machinerymore viviparous fish, and like guppies, pregnant female is enough time to isolate in a separate container isolated from other adults.

Other efforts for breeding you don’t have to make.

But if in the aquarium there are natural or artificial hiding places where the fry can hide until they grow up, for example, floating plants (live or artificial), even females be deposited.

These fish are famous for the fact that depending on the conditions of detention of females in the struggle for survival may turn into males.

Platypus love to swim in small flocks of 5-10 individuals.

The aquarium is right for them from 10 liters but the best option for a group of swordtails would be a 50 gallon tank.

Perfect food both dry and live, and granulated.

Aquarium aeration is desirable, but not mandatory.

These small bottom dwellers will not cause trouble to her master.

These fish may seem aggressive, however, may not represent any danger to other fish.

The only important requirement for the content of these fish will be the availability of special food for bottom fish.

But unpretentious catfish good due to the fact that they are the bearers of the aquarium they clean the bottom and walls of the algae and even waste products of other aquarium residents.

Many species of catfish have, in addition to Gill, intestinal and even breathing, so I can easily do without aeration.

Next positions in the top unpretentious fish you can put small schooling fish, such as Danio, neons, gourami, tetras and terezie .

These fish are very mobile and will enliven your aquarium.

The content is not whimsical, however, require good aeration and filtration.

It makes sense to not buy a couple of fish, and at least 5-6. So fish will look decorative and to survive a flock of them will be easier and more fun.

Looking worn like a nimble fish that immediately come to mind thoughts of when was first Olympic games took place … it happened in 776 BC. Then the program of the Olympics consisted of only one discipline – run on 193 m. There also could be different only men – women games is not allowed…

Schooling fish are very peaceful and coexist with any other non-aggressive species of aquarium fish.

Some types of schooling fish can jump out of the water, so it makes sense to keep the aquarium closed with a special cover.

Eat both live food and dry hlopievidnyi.

Another type of small schooling fish are barbs .

They are also not whimsical like the other species, but differ warlike temper, so do not live well with other species of fish. They need to be kept separate.

There are a couple of aquarium fishes, possessing all the positive qualities undemanding fish, and bright with impressive appearance, but also a very quarrelsome nature is the end of the line and makropody .

Males of these fish are very like to arrange quarrels with ugryzenye long decorative fins have an opponent, therefore these fish should be kept separate.

For a single specimen of this species aquarium fish suitable for a small aquarium of 5-10 gallons.

Aeration for these fish is not mandatory, as they breathe atmospheric air.

The composition of water, feed, soil or plants, these fish are completely indifferent, can apply what you prefer.

If you wish to colonize in your aquarium larger species of fish, we can advise cichlids or angelfish .

These fish suitable aquarium volume over 50 litres.

Plants in the aquarium should be placed with stiff leaves or artificial, as these fish love to consume the leaves and plants may eventually lose their decorative effect.

As for cichlids, and angelfish the presence of aeration and filtration of water is imperative.

To temperature conditions these fish are not very fastidious – the main thing is to avoid strong temperature changes.

Food may be dry, but they prefer live food.

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