The biggest catfish

Want to know where was the biggest catfish caught? Then read on this fascinating material, which we have prepared especially for you.

Everyone knows that the largest creatures on our earth are marine inhabitants. But this does not mean that fresh water can not boast of their giant representatives. River giants have long been commonplace for the modern man. Catch one of the river dwellers will be able to provide a delicious meal the whole family for a few days. It is first and foremost about soms. This wonderful fish has become a familiar inhabitant of reservoirs of Russia and CIS countries. But the major representatives soms were seen and other countries.

The biggest catfish man-eating

Few people know that catfish possess limitless power. There were cases, when starved fish could flip the fishing boats and attack fishermen. Sometimes it happens that soma attacked the washing of water bodies of women, literally snatching them from the hands of underwear. Such aggressive behavior of the catfish, in fact, it is not surprising, because it is the only large predators that live in rivers. The weight of the average catfish can reach 230 kg with a length of almost 3 meters. But there are rare instances, who are called catfish man-eating. About one of these predators was even mentioned in the book by David Wheeler “Fish-killer”. According to him, he had the opportunity to see with your own eyes of soma, the weight was more than 500 kg at a length of bolee M.

Blue catfish live mainly in Russia, the CIS countries, but they can also be found in the Northern European countries. They also occasionally occur in large water bodies of Latin America, USA and Canada. Many experts, despite the rare cases of attacks on som people claim that the soma man-eater able to defeat any prey that happened to be on the surface of the water. The most dangerous is that the predator does not pursue the victim for a long time and are not accustomed to bite, most often the catfish swims to the victim and quietly trying to absorb it all completely.

The fact is that teeth like those of a catfish there, so he has to celebrate only their big wide mouth. That’s why som is quiet and very dangerous a hunter who feeds on unwary prey at the water surface. Such catfishes-murderers live about a hundred years, but many of them die much earlier, due to the fact that just can’t find decent food in the ponds.

The largest catfish

And finally, remember about the main “What is the largest catfish in the world?”. The largest river giant managed to catch, strangely enough, in Italy, not so long ago, in early 2011. Soma weight was 114 kg with a length of 2.5 m. an Experienced and seen a lot of life just fisherman Robert godi admitted that with such a catch he did not have to face even once in life. Robert had to mess with the fish more than 50 minutes, and pull the giant out of the water he was helped by six people on his team. Thus, a fisherman caught catfish has become the largest freshwater representative, who managed to catch in Europe. The same fish several months later received worthy of the title of “biggest catfish in the world”.

Robert godi also said that on the day of the capture of the giant, even speculated that he will be able to catch something like that, because he usually hunted bream with their colleagues. Everything turned out quite differently, and as he felt a large catch, he, without hesitation, ran after him along the river. After the capture of Robert and the team weighed the catfish, made a photo with him and released back into the river.

Here is another record, recorded shortly before the newly minted leader, was delivered in 2009. Then in the Spanish river Ebro fishermen managed to catch catfish albino, weighing 111 pounds.

Also in 2011, in Thailand, a local fisherman caught, perhaps the largest catfish ever. It happened on the Thai Mekong river. The weight of the catch amounted to more than 293 kg, and the length of 2.7 meters. Such parameters of fish were recorded chief of the international research project of WWF. The head of the World Fund of protection of wildlife Zeb Hogan was in that year study the largest fish in the world, and therefore catfish caught in the Mekong river, noted in his works, as the largest freshwater fish in the world.

But, despite officially recorded records, big catfish caught in many different countries: China, Holland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and many others. For example, in Ukraine was recorded a very unusual and terrifying catch when Khortitsa, about ten years ago, a local found a sunken ship-tug, was at a depth of 15 m.

After the tug pulled ashore, its deck found an incredibly huge hole in which is stuck a catfish with a length of about 5 m. After a huge fish, his stomach was cut open, inside were found the remains of only three Polish tourists, wanted for more than a year.

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