Than sick aquarium fish.

Aquarium — a piece of nature at home. The fact of the problem is that in home. In the wild all animals are subject to natural selection. Sick fish will not have time to Dodge the predator and will be caught by a bird or other predator fish. Thus in nature is controlled by the development of various diseases.

Aquarium fish very vulnerable to disease. Not at home predators. Even their immunity depends on the environmental situation. And she, in turn, depends on the owner of the aquarium. And sometimes the fish want to shout, yeah we can’t hear them. Swim and okay. Meanwhile, the silent beauties can seriously hurt.

Identify the disease by symptoms.

Viral diseases

Viral diseases of fish appear because of improper maintenance. With that one fish, well, the other is not suitable. It is influenced by peculiarities of the habitat in the wild. Because some fish live in hot tropical countries, others in raging rivers, others in cool, calm lakes. Therefore, before buying you need to think about compatibility of this or that species of fish. To viral diseases include such diseases as dropsy, lymphocystis, ekzoftalm, septicaemia and penderitaan filterable viruses.

Bloated body (especially the abdomen) and fluid-filled tissue — symptoms of dropsy. This disease usually affected the East African cichlids. The reason, as once again, an inappropriate level of salt in the water. Although it may be improper feeding or other factors. Treat the disease by eliminating the causes of disease.

Exophthalmia and bloating characteristic of fish suffering from ekzoftalm or septicemia. There is a blood infection. Against this disease will have to fight the same way as in dropsy, that is to remove the cause of the disease — to improve the level of content.

If the body of the fish appeared whitish bunches of Chaikov, and the skin covered with sores, most likely the fish was sick with lymphocystis. Such patients should be immediately isolated. To treat this disease can chloramphenicol. It is necessary to add 2-3 grams per 100 litres of water.

Unidentified filterable viruses cause the appearance on the fish’s body boils and focal hemorrhages. From such viral diseases of fish will save an intramuscular injection of antibiotics and 2 grams of chloramphenicol in food.

Viral infections in fish often go away on their own. But this is only possible with the correct content. In this case, aquarium fish can build up an immunity.

Bacterial diseases

Bacteria thrive in the water where a lot of organic matter. Fish in this tank already weakened, so the disease gets into them easily enough. By the way, bacterial diseases of fish can be dangerous for humans, so you cannot clean the tank, when the hands have wounds. Suck water from the hose just as dangerous as the mucosa vulnerable to bacteria.

Most not pleasant that to treat these diseases aquarium fish constantly one and the same antibiotic cannot. Bacteria quickly get used to the drug and continue to multiply, despite its action. In tuberculosis aquarium fish suffer from scoliosis, emaciation. On the body the sores are bleeding, eyes convex, glass. For treatment you will need rifampicin, kanamycin — 1 g in the feed. Isoniazid, florimitsin, cycloserine pasomitsin, streptolysin, neomycin — for each litre of water at 40-50 mg for three days.

If the fish is superb to darken. And anus red and swollen, it means the fish is sick with enteritis. For the treatment used 40 mg of oxytetracycline per liter. Sulfamerazine sodium of 6 to 15 days at 50mg/L. Alsin based on 10mg per 1 kg of weight of fish in feed (6 days).

Often fin rot. The fin loses its shape and rigidity. To cure the fish is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease. This may be either poor water quality or routine.

Fungal diseases

Fungi develop where an enabling environment, i.e. in aquariums, where frequent temperature changes, the remains of dead fish or snails. Atosorigin (ichthyophonus) is a fungal disease of aquarium fish, which develops in the internal organs, so a long time, its just not noticeable. The fish gradually begin to lose weight, a blown-up scales. Eyes become bug-eyed. The color darkens. The behavior also changes. Sedentary mouth, disturbed coordination of movements. Kills fungi by means of phenoxetol (50 cm 3/l for 2 days), quinine, rivanol, trypaflavine, griseofulvin and nystatin in feed (1mg/g), polymyxin b, levorin, amicacola, amphoglucaminum.

Gill rot, Gill rot is manifested or blue-red-white spots on the gills, their covers change shape. Fish tries to stay at the water surface. To get rid of this fungus it is necessary to increase change of water and add the collargol (0.1 mg/l), griseofulvin (10mg/l) and nystatin (25 thousand IU/l during the week), rivanol (2mg/l within 12 days, pH of 8.0), formaldehyde (1 ml per 10 liters up to 45 min).

How to avoid fish disease

To avoid all these hassles you need to follow simple rules. First, before moving the aquarium to be cleaned. To do this, we need to fill it with a solution of potassium permanganate and let stand for a few days. The soil and the tools (those made of stone or metal) to boil and rinse. Secondly, the water must be specially prepared, to defend, promarinovalos. The aquarium with water, soil and plants should stand a few days to formed in water acceptable to the fish microflora.

Third, all new items, be it equipment or algae must be disinfected. Rinse and hold for several hours in a solution of potassium permanganate. New fish purchased at a pet store, cannot immediately be planted in common aquarium. Few weeks they should be in a separate tank. If you will propecia them.

Another rule — each individual aquarium tools. The Socko also can carry harmful diseases.

Feed should be of high quality and in moderation. Underfeeding is better than overfeeding.

And lastly, check the condition of the aquarium. In time to change the water and clean the bottom. Following these simple rules, you will protect your fish from disease.

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