Amazing sea horse swims vertically in the water holding on or slowly crawling along the seabed. Nature has protected his little body bone outer shell, supplied prehensile tail, marsupial pouch, eyes that can move independently from each other.

Seahorses go swimming only in those cases where there is no foothold.

Seahorses are the indigenous inhabitants of salt water. Most species live in warm tropical seas. Vast underwater meadows growing higher algae with small flowers and long green ribbon-like leaves. In these thickets gracious host to many species of marine fauna, leading a sedentary life – sponges, bryozoans, ascidians and Hydra. In the midst of algae for seahorses always covered with a generous buffet and there is a safe haven.

Seahorse is one of the few fish, leading a sedentary life.


A favorite habitat of seahorses is a coastal algae in seas of the temperate and tropical zones.

Sea horse always stands with her head held high, and his movements are full of smooth stateliness. Finely trembling his short fins, he is able to swim short from one fulcrum to another, but are much more likely to move on all fours, clinging to the tail all that you see is algae, corals or their relatives. This narrow rilasciato serves him a temporary anchor, and the tail meanwhile is looking for what would be a good catch.

Original seahorse diet consists mainly of small crustaceans zhabronogie in abundance breeding on the algae and in the hollows among the coral. To spearfishing managed, the fish gently puts a finger to chose the prey, and sucks it fast together with water. Void sizes eaten venison and extraordinary simple structure of the digestive system makes almost a lifetime to find some nourishment. Nature has given the seahorse well-developed senses. Located in the cranium to internal ears sensitive enough to catch audio signals, allowing the fish to maintain balance and focus in the aquatic environment. In addition, the ridge has a sharp sense of smell. Under both his eyes are nasal cavity with two pairs of nostrils – front and rear, and olfactory information fish brings water flowing through them.


Start and duration of the breeding season, the seahorses depends on water temperature. In the Mediterranean they breed from April to October in the Atlantic ocean from may to September. Courtship occurs in the form of an intricate dance. Partners swim up and down, spin like a top and exchanged formal bows. Finally the couple tied the tails in the process of mating, the female lays a brood in bag of Chevalier eggs with a diameter of 0.5 – 3 mm, and goth fertilizes them at the time of admission.

Wall bags swell and thicken, providing eggs with oxygen and creating an enabling environment. Part of the eggs attached to the blood vessels penetrated the wall of the bag and continues to develop, the rest die off. Young skates hatch from eggs in the father’s pouch and live there for up to 2 months. Finally, reaching a length of 5 mm, they leave the bag and begin an independent life. The fry grows quickly — in a month to 4 cm, and after three months – up to 7 cm Sexual maturity the young reaches on the fifth – the eighth month of life. The mating dance is often performed in the presence of another female, because in the bag daddy have enough space for the eggs of several partners.

The female lays eggs in the bag spouse with the help of ovipositor. Yolk color of eggs ranges from bright pink to red.

Leaning on the plant, the male gives birth to cubs, spending a lot of effort.

Seahorses are born in small groups and PA first, often look for support from friends. But at the first opportunity the kids “run” around and continue to live by themselves.


Enemies seahorses do not count – from stingrays and small coastal sharks up to all sorts of okunevich fish.

Their only remedy – mimicry, that is, the ability to blend in with the surroundings.

Some species of seahorses have settled on the ocean, traveling together with scraps of seaweed.

As in all vertebrates, seahorses have a dorsal ridge, but the ribs they have, and their functions are performed by the exoskeleton.

Atiras his head on the element of the external skeleton, seahorses sound like the clicks of your fingers. Apparently, these signals warn kin of danger or attract a sexual partner.

Variegation helps the horse to become invisible among the blossoms of algae, corals and anemones.


Method of protection from enemies by imitating the shape, color and pattern of the surrounding objects.

Is elongated into a narrow tube toothless snout opens at the tip of a small mouth opening.


In proportion to the body moving eyes fish is quite large. The horse is able to simultaneously look in different directions and a well-distinguish between colors.

Puberty: 5-8 months the Number of young per litter: several dozen Food: small crustaceans, plankton

Lifespan: 3-4 years

The torso is enclosed in an outer skeleton, which represents the shell from stacked rings of bone plates. Color varies from dark-brown to black with small speckles throughout the body.


Sea horses are called sea subfamily of small fishes, which unites two of a kind – Hippocampus and Phyllopteryx total number of around thirty species. Most seahorses are found in tropical seas zones between 40° North and 40° South latitude. In close relationship with all skates are fish from the family of needle – they have the same tubular snout, a reduced branchial apparatus and an exoskeleton of bony plates.

Hippocampus erectus features beautiful turquoise color. Habitat – Pacific coast from California to Central America.

Skate-a rag-picker (Phyllopteryx eques).

The outlines of his body is dissected by a plate-shaped dermal appendages, by which it is completely indistinguishable in the thick seaweed. Occurs near southern coast of Australia.

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