Reef saltwater aquarium

Reef marine aquarium is an aquarium in which in addition to the marine fish grow up and the corals, the polyp at the polyp inhabiting its waters, until the whole reef. Usually there are accommodated corals of the genus Acropora, Pocillopora and Montipora is a fast – growing corals that are suitable for so-called “micro-reefs” (and the other in the aquarium is unlikely to succeed).

Very often micro-reef is a small reef aquarium. This aquarium is easier to light and high intensity lighting, required for aquarium coral, is extremely expensive. Thus, the smaller the aquarium, the less complicated lighting.

Since the light with the wavelength required for photosynthesis with depth fading, light bulbs low power will be in a small aquarium to have the same effect, and powerful lamps in great. Don’t have to pay huge amount for electricity, and the bulbs are much cheaper than those that will need a large aquarium. Another thing, the lamp of low intensity is not so much heat the water as high power bulbs. It is also important to remember that super strong lighting as bad for corals as too weak.

Small marine aquarium to contain quite simple and inexpensive, and in three weeks it will grow a small coral. Further, it all depends on you!

Another feature nebolshogo marine aquarium – water circulation. The movement of water around a natural coral reef very much! The tides, currents and turbulence deliver extremely powerful streams of water. They clean the corals from different precipitation, mucus and debris, and also serves to move nutrients and oxygen. Undoubtedly, the circulation of water in the aquarium is incredibly important, but just understand that only the most advanced aquarists.

In a small aquarium strong flat laminar (i.e. moving in one direction) streams that you create a special power heads can easily be turned into a healthy amount of water turbulence. Sending placed in suitable locations of the power head against each other, you can force the water to move completely around the aquarium. The advantage of this circulation is certain: the coral is more healthy, the pieces will always be in limbo, unable to settle on the surface of the coral and will be dropped. Among other things, on the coral and on the walls of the aquarium will not grow algae.

However, if in a reef marine aquarium and live fish, with the power heads can cause problems: they can suck a fish, especially with long fins. So you should buy a head with special nozzles that does not allow fish to get to them. In addition, when you install the circulation system, pay attention to what type of water movement is better suited to your coral. For example, the bubble plerogyra preferred that the water circulation took place at the bottom.

Minimal lighting in the reef aquarium should be 10 watts per liter of water

But in larger aquariums usually very difficult to achieve widespread circulation of water, will always be a few so-called “dead places”. In addition to large aquariums need to use much more sophisticated equipment and a much larger number of power heads, arranging them at incredible angles to each other.

So, in order to equip the aquarium for corals, first of all, you will need the aquarium itself, about 100 liters, and then stand beneath it and a canopy. For lighting will use 2 bulbs at 96 watts. Inside put about 20 pounds of so-called “living rocks” (dead corals) of tropical seas, for example, Fiji or Tonga, and put about 35 pounds agonito sand. Finally, you will need a filter system. Here it is useful to remember that little need is a little aquarium filters.

For filtering you will need a sump, however, is better suited for large marine aquariums. Small aquariums it is better to equip protein filters. It is important to remember that proteins (uneaten feed and fish excretion) clog up the water in the aquarium and contribute to the formation of nitrates and nitrates in large quantities are harmful to fish and deadly for corals. But if you put the filter, it does not mean that the problem is solved: if in time not to change the tank in the sump, he can turn into a breeding ground for nitrates.

Lighting and water quality is the key to successful growing coral

Corals, unlike fish, are extremely sensitive to water quality, so I have to take care of constant water clarity and quality. First, it is possible to change the water in the aquarium. If the nitrate content in the water has reached dangerous level (!more than 0.01%), should change 50% of water in the tank, and then daily changes of 25% until the nitrates disappear. Generally better that the nitrate content was about 0,001%, and nitrite and ammonia were completely absent. Water must be deklarirovanie and contain salt in the same quantity as sea water. The temperature of the water and pour the water in the aquarium should be the same.

Now it is important to think about the power of the coral. This may seem unusual, but the coral also needs to be fed! Perfect shrimp, and special food. When you feed the coral, for 45 minutes turn off the filters, otherwise all food will be in them. But leave the power head are included to allow for food particles circulated with the water and reached all parts of the coral. Be careful not to pour feed or in the water will increase the nitrate level.

Finally, the best way to always know what to do with coral is to establish a good relationship with the closest shop where they are sold. Then you will always prompt, what to do in a difficult situation from which you cannot find the exit.

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