Mythology: catfish man-eating

Every decent town should have its own mythology, its own legends. omens and mystical places. Zaporozhye is not an exception. Let us, for example, remember one of the most popular myths Zaporozhye – som-eaters prowl the waters of the Dnieper in the vicinity of our city. Only on “Retro Zaporozhye” – the whole truth about the Dnieper fish-killers!

The beginning of 1991. Zaporozhye. Real excitement in the city the Republican newspaper “Komsomolskaya banner” (aka “Goat”). One of her rooms just a bestseller at the local level – re-read it and even retell each other. Still – here goes the article titled “Dnieper killer”. And a sidebar to the article could not be evident to the Cossacks: “we First noticed a military ship, standing near the Dnieper. It turned out that afternoon, this former hunter submarines serves as a base for young sailors. At night he goes out on business, and… start the explosions”.

According to the authors, the ship comes out to hunt… som-eating, which was got near the island Khortytsia. Large fish not only eat everything and everyone indiscriminately, but even attack ships. “Last year zafiksirovano a dozen attacks on motor and sailing boats,” writes “the Goat”. To Board one of these tugs that sank as a result of this RAM, and stuck the hero – com big: five meters long and half a ton in weight. And the worst thing – in the stomach of catfish, according to some Whips and King, were found the remains of three people. Perhaps, suggest the authors, is the remains of Polish tourists from the liner “Yevgeny Vuchetich”. crashed near the city of Zaporozhye in may last year. “The mysterious disappearance of fishermen while ice fishing, you might as well be attributed to the som-killers”, – develops the idea of the newspaper.

Further more, to fight against the catfish man-eating rose public: Zaporizhzhya Amateur club “Aquanaut”, the plant “Radiopribor”, a ship of young sailors club and even the people’s Deputy of the USSR from Zaporozhye Vitaly Chelyshev. The enterprise has identified currency, the MP helped to acquire for her imported aqualungs and wetsuits, and scuba divers went to celebrate the buoys underwater pits occupied by the fish-eaters. Night and the ship “Sea hunter”. In his Arsenal no depth charges, but in the presence of know-how Zaporizhzhya craftsmen – homemade “torpedo” out of the box of explosives and safety fuse. Such explosions do not bother ordinary citizens – they say it’s Minchermet finally start a restoration of “Zaporizhstal”. “After a series of raids mysterious deaths on the Dnieper at Zaporozhye had stopped”, – says “Komsomolskaya banner”.

Sensational publication Zaporozhye blew up. Catfish man-eating, attack on the tugs, the “sea hunter”, the mailbox with explosives, the poles – all this gibberish sincerely believe thousands of Cossacks. The story of catfish-eating popular rumor instantly surrounded orela details. For example, the fact that, well, fish so famously foraged on the grain that went to the bottom of the Dnieper river together with echelon and the debris of undermined Makhno Chickasha bridge. Catfishes-murderers for years to become an integral part of the Zaporozhye mythology.

But in 1991, in hot pursuit, Zaporizhzhya journalists of the newspaper “Zaporiz’ka Sich” was able to solve the mystery of the Dnieper-fish cannibals. “No, the poles have not disappeared”, – reported in regional management of KGB. “Not heard that the divers have found anything like this”, – said the employee of obcordate Probaly Alexander, curator of underwater sports. “The attack on a catfish boat is a mystery, someone to do nothing,” said the detective liad (river police) Sergey Gudkov.

Managed Zaporizhzhya journalists to find in Zaporozhye and the authors of sensational material. Or rather the author – just under two pseudonyms hiding one person: the engineer of one of the Zaporozhye Institute Viktor Korolev. On the question of what in the article about soms-the cannibals is untrue, the author replied briefly, but essentially, “All”. Ship “Yevgeny Vuchetich” Zaporozhye hoaxer saw, as he went along the Dnieper river, the club “Aquanaut” simply made up, and about the “Radiopribor” and not “bent”: “he could Not distinguish the currency, they and the salary is not enough”. Their hoax Korolyov explained the anger in the democratic press: “She considers that all is allowed. Last year, for example, “Komsomolskaya banner” printed an article about the huge rats. And all believed. It was a shame that people believe such tales, therefore, have composed his”.

Here is such a funny story about Zaporizhzhya kgs-eaters. Would love to find Mr. Queen. Maybe, who knows?

Mythology: catfish man-eating
Every decent town should have its own mythology, its own legends. omens and mystical places. Zaporozhye is not an exception. Let us, for example, remember one of the most popular…

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