Marine aquarium

This article is about the tank for keeping aquatic organisms.

Aquarium (lat. aquarium ) — artificially formed aquatic habitats in a transparent tank designed for the maintenance of organisms-hydrobionts (animals and plants).

It typically refers to a home aquarium (room) aquarium for keeping fish aquarium in home; for technical reasons, the maximum volume of such a tank is usually less than one cubic meter. Public aquariums . intended for demonstration to the audience of aquatic flora and fauna existing in the structure of zoos or as separate spectacular educational institutions can exceed 3000 m3 in volume. The world’s largest capacity for the housing of inhabitants of sea is in the amusement Park Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom in China’s Zhuhai. According to the Guinness Book of records. it is the volume of 22.7 million liters (22,7 thousand m3). This aquarium also has the largest square panels of Plexiglas (39,6 x 8.3 m) and that has no analogues in the world, underwater hall with a diameter of 12 m [1] .

To maintain the biological balance in the aquarium used a variety of tools: aerators, mechanical and biological filters. thermostats. thermometers and much more. Description simulation of the ecosystem in a closed artificial vodoeme various aspects of breeding fish deals aquarium .

Distinguish from aquariums terrariums. paludarium and aquaterrariums intended for the maintenance of terrestrial and wetland animals and plants.

The sizes of aquariums to Rule

Classification Edit

Design Edit

Frameless aquariums are made of sheets of silicate or organic glass (plexiglass, acrylic glass). The advantage of organic glass is the high safety and strength, a neutral impact on the water in the aquarium. The disadvantages of organic glass is low resistance to mechanical stress — such glass is easily scratched and over time can become cloudy.

Frame aquariums are manufactured using a metal frame. The advantage is that this type of aquarium is not limited by size. Disadvantages: aquariums become unfit for use, during long periods of storage without water, as the putty crack and destroyed, besides the substances belonging to the putty, may affect the composition of water and therefore absolutely not suitable for marine aquatic organisms.

Seamless aquariums can be made of plexiglass. Quite common round glass aquariums, which are often associated with the contents of the goldfish. Round aquariums and aquariums with curved walls since 2006, banned in some parts of Italy.

Form Edit

Rectangular aquarium

Standard — width equal to the height and 1.5—2 times less than the length (example: 100 l x 50 W x 50 cm). Or width is less than the height of 5-10 cm (example: 100x 45 x55 cm).

Screen — width in 1,5—2 times smaller than the height and 3 times less than the length (example: 100x 33 x66 cm). In the aquarium-the large screen viewing area of the front wall with the least amount of aquarium and good sight lines width, but a small area of bottom. Such an aquarium requires a good artificial aeration due to the small surface area of water, poor aeration in the aquarium, especially in its near-bottom layers.

The trough — width is 1.5—2 times the height and 2 times less length (example: 100x 50 x25 cm). Allows you to contain the greatest number of fish at the lowest volume. A large area of the surface of the water and a relatively small depth leads to a good saturability water atmospheric oxygen and good light transmission, which is especially needed for the plants [3] .

Aquarium square (cube)

Width equal to the length, the height is equal to or higher than the length at 5 cm.

Water Edit


Pseudo-sea . Aquariums of this type, as a rule, do not contain plants, are a large number of stones resembling corals. the hardness of the water. usually quite high — up to 20°. For lighting used lamps, which give a cool bluish tint. Usually this is inhabited by aquarium African cichlids of lakes that feel comfortable in the water with high hardness, and its vibrant and multi-colored colouring a little like the inhabitants of coral reefs.

Dutch . The main inhabitants of the Dutch aquarium — plants. Typically, in Dutch aquariums no fish or very few. Typically, the density of planting is such that if you look at the aquarium from above, you should not be visible soil. For lighting used lamps with special phosphor. having special spectral characteristics and a higher light output. While typical for this type of aquarium the density of planting can not do without the use of fertilizers and system of enrichment of water with carbon dioxide .



Sea brackish

A saltwater aquarium is much more complicated in content and very different from freshwater. If freshwater aquarium can safely merge the third part of the water and pour fresh, clean, replace the water in the saltwater aquarium is difficult due to the large consumption of sea salt. Consequently, in marine aquariums the water quality problem is not solved by replacement, and the use of rather complicated equipment for natural regeneration and cleaning devices — protein skimmer column (flotation, skimmers). The second difference from the freshwater aquarium is the presence of flow. The sea currents are quite strong, so aquariums with coral reefs are equipped with a strong pump, which simulate ocean currents. Are divided into reef and fish. In a reef tank is installed more complex equipment and powerful lighting with a color temperature from 10,000 (in particular put metal halide lamps) to ensure the necessary conditions of marine invertebrates. Extremely desirable in such aquariums so-called “living stones” performing the role of a biological filter due to the live bacteria and other organisms. Fish marine aquariums are much more similar to their freshwater counterparts.

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