Fish of the Black sea, the black sea shark Katran

Mackerel is a common and very important fish for the fishery. It is small, silver with a dark back and a barbed bone nail file along the sideline. Mackerel overwinter in the deep, going in large schools, spawn all summer. To the shore suitable only at the end of October, because they prefer cool water.

Mullet – the most unpretentious of our commercial fish. Spawns in the coastal zone to a depth of 75 meters, however, can proliferate in the open sea. Withstands water temperatures from 0.5 to 38°C, salinity to 80 g per liter, but lives in polyprenol water. Tolerate the lack of oxygen in the open sea swims, even in the deeper layers with “rotten water” and hydrogen sulfide bacteria. Mullet indifferent to polluted water and often winters in the ports under jetty. Its meat, unfortunately, begins to smell of fuel oil.

Fish-bed boppers – master to change the colour and even the patterns of his skin, repeating pattern and color of the soil. Floating over a familiar bottom, flounder disguises itself in just a few seconds. To select a color for the new background, take a lot more time, however, expanding and compressing the special pigment cells on their side, it can adapt even to the chessboard. Continue reading

How fish care for their young

Fish reproduce by laying eggs, from which soon there are young fish. The number of eggs, put in various kinds of fish, are very different: from several units up to 300 million!

The eggs also differ in shape: they are usually spherical, but cylindrical, and even in the form of droplets and cigars.

Most of the fish does not care about offspring, and even parents often eat their own eggs and fry! However, many types of fish (usually males) still care about their kids.

For example, the fish-needle and seahorse males born females are carrying eggs, Prilepin it on your belly, or in special pockets and the folds of the skin. And the male stickleback is a very caring dad. He first builds the nest by sticking pieces of grass. When the females will lay their eggs there, keenly watchful father protects him, and even “air”, pumping clean water by movements of the fins. When the eggs appear young fish, Papa stickleback for several days ensures that they are placed in the nest, and returns to stick in there kids, capturing their mouth.

In General, however, fish often build nests. The trout and salmon lay eggs in the excavated pit and covered it with sand. Some bullheads and catfish do NESDIS stones and bits of plants. Continue reading

Diving in Bali

Features of diving in Bali

Almost anywhere on Bali you can find places for scuba diving. Ocean water is not sufficiently transparent. However, do not despair. Unique underwater scenery, a wide variety of fish and quite warm waters of the ocean will satisfy not only beginners but also for demanding professionals. On the East and North-East coast has an excellent base, it is worthy of your attention. On the Islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan you will have an unforgettable diving. The most Western part of Bali is uninhabited Menjangan island (Menjangan), which is protected by the state, is one of the best places for scuba diving. And of course, 7,000 ha of the national Park Bali Barat, a short distance from Menjangan and Gilimanuk, where you will have only pleasant surprises. On arrival contact the local scuba diving clubs and don’t forget to grab their diplomas. You can reserve a place in advance, explaining your technical level and expertise. The diplomas are recognized PADI, SSI, CMAS, POSSI.

Areas for diving in Bali are distinguished by their rich marine life. Diving enthusiasts will be interested to visit the Menjangan, teeming coral reefs, and Tulamben, where has sunk “liberty”, and also on Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. in coastal waters which can be found in the fish moon. The conditionsfor good diving and the Gili Islands. Universally accepted system of certification by PADI (Professional Association of diving instructors), the operators of which are concentrated in the resort areas of South Bali. We recommend the following places for diving: Continue reading

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