Breeding fish in ponds.

If your site has a pond, you can breed fish. Fish farming in ponds is an interesting and profitable occupation. Almost everyone in my childhood was the aquarium. However, not all have kept this hobby for life. But it’s not terrible. Importantly, the idea of breeding fish in captivity.

The fish habitat is water. This is for anybody not a secret. But few people know exactly what should be the water that the fish stay away. If you were observant, you might notice: a large grassy puddle, and her boys caught a whole bunch of carp. Or another example is a large lake with picturesque shores, and no matter how much I wait with bait – no one bites. What is the reason?

Back to the aquarium. Remember, if the water in the aquarium began to thicken – the fish began to die. Besides, you regularly use the microcompressor, enriching the water with oxygen. Sometimes heated up the reflector, so that your animals did not freeze. Tried time to feed, feed purchased, depending on the species of fish. In a pond all the same. The fish grew and bred, she needs pure water enriched with oxygen. The water temperature must conform to a certain norm. Keep in mind that the fish in the cold is not propagated. Even fish need a good forage base. Continue reading

Reef saltwater aquarium

Reef marine aquarium is an aquarium in which in addition to the marine fish grow up and the corals, the polyp at the polyp inhabiting its waters, until the whole reef. Usually there are accommodated corals of the genus Acropora, Pocillopora and Montipora is a fast – growing corals that are suitable for so-called “micro-reefs” (and the other in the aquarium is unlikely to succeed).

Very often micro-reef is a small reef aquarium. This aquarium is easier to light and high intensity lighting, required for aquarium coral, is extremely expensive. Thus, the smaller the aquarium, the less complicated lighting.

Since the light with the wavelength required for photosynthesis with depth fading, light bulbs low power will be in a small aquarium to have the same effect, and powerful lamps in great. Don’t have to pay huge amount for electricity, and the bulbs are much cheaper than those that will need a large aquarium. Another thing, the lamp of low intensity is not so much heat the water as high power bulbs. It is also important to remember that super strong lighting as bad for corals as too weak.

Small marine aquarium to contain quite simple and inexpensive, and in three weeks it will grow a small coral. Further, it all depends on you! Continue reading

The infestation of pond fish ciliated infusoria

Recently in fish farms of Ukraine, the cases of emergence and spread of protozooses. caused by the ciliated infusoria. The spread of disease contributes to the pollution of waters with organic substances, violation of fish and animal health requirements.

For modern aquaculture is characterized by a sharp deterioration of water quality in ponds. This considerably weakens the body of fish, lowers its resistance to diseases, promotes the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms, which when tight crop of fish raises the risk of a protozoal disease.

We investigated parasitological situation in feeding and nursery ponds of fisheries Krinichansky. This is a full-cycle farm with a cascading arrangement of ponds. The total area of the ponds is 465 ha. Water is pumped from a selection of water from Dneprodzerzhinsk reservoir and Wet of the river Sura. The objects of fish farming are carp and silver carp, which are grown in polyculture. We used the classical method of complete parasitological dissection of fish ( Bykhovskaya-Pavlovskaya. 1969). When conducting parasitological studies in carp yearlings during the summer period were found several species of ciliated infusoria: Trichodinella epizootica. Trichodi na acuta and Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. Extensionactivity (EI) tradename reached 100 %, the intensity of invasion (AI) – 4,5±1,20 instances on the fish. Continue reading

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Carp in garden pond
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