Catching carp in small bets

Fishing for carp in the rates of course is the main form of the desired perhaps fishing for most anglers steppe zone. So consider – what are the characteristics of carp in the ponds, and also – as on the artificial pond to spend time fun. It all depends on the characteristics of the water body, the quality of care for the pond and how much the owner cares about the future of the pond and replenish fish stocks today.

Previously, the collective rate was used mainly for its intended purpose – fish and then catch it in accordance with national economic plans, while the fish population is always maintained at an adequate qualitative and quantitative level. Now the situation is somewhat different.

Private-rented water management serve as a source of cash income derived from fees for recreational fishing and catch those fish stocks which have been accumulated previously. Today often meet the situation where the catch comes to a complete zero, as temporary “owner” is not interested in tomorrow.

More precisely, the Outlook for the next 1-3 years are clear to him, and what will be in 5 – 10 years with little interest in the reservoir. Costly and troublesome replenishment of fish stocks and breeding fish, especially silver carp, are taken to learn to not many bets. Now in the southern areas, catch carp with a weight of 100-300g. (yearlings) has become as rare as if it is about the hunt for the “Blue Bird”. Continue reading

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