Freshwater fish

Bioculatum eight-striped Cichlasoma (Cichlasoma octofasciatum), also known as cichlasoma-bee or bioculatum, it is a large and brightly colored American cichlid. She has a low and compact body, but it can grow up to 25 cm in length.Adult cichlasoma-bee is very beautiful, but what would become like this she needs at least a year. The male is more handsome, has more diamond points on the body and edges of the dorsal and anal fins reddish. At this time, there are many different color options, all thanks to interbreeding. And one of the most popular is the blue cichlasoma Dempsey, which differs from the only eight-striped color (bright blue) and weaker health. It is not very common, because the litter such juvenile at best will be 20%, and the rest will be classic color eight-striped cichlasoma.

Discus (Discus) 7 cm Discus is a peaceful fish, however it is very demanding on water parameters! So I strongly suggest that you take seriously the conditions of her imprisonment in the aquarium!

Pearl gourami 10 cm In pearl gourami strongly compressed laterally, in the shape of an elongated oval, body, dorsal and anal fins are large. The males dorsal fin is greatly elongated. The tip of his pointed. In females it is much shorter and rounded. Continue reading

Diving in Bali

Features of diving in Bali

Almost anywhere on Bali you can find places for scuba diving. Ocean water is not sufficiently transparent. However, do not despair. Unique underwater scenery, a wide variety of fish and quite warm waters of the ocean will satisfy not only beginners but also for demanding professionals. On the East and North-East coast has an excellent base, it is worthy of your attention. On the Islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan you will have an unforgettable diving. The most Western part of Bali is uninhabited Menjangan island (Menjangan), which is protected by the state, is one of the best places for scuba diving. And of course, 7,000 ha of the national Park Bali Barat, a short distance from Menjangan and Gilimanuk, where you will have only pleasant surprises. On arrival contact the local scuba diving clubs and don’t forget to grab their diplomas. You can reserve a place in advance, explaining your technical level and expertise. The diplomas are recognized PADI, SSI, CMAS, POSSI.

Areas for diving in Bali are distinguished by their rich marine life. Diving enthusiasts will be interested to visit the Menjangan, teeming coral reefs, and Tulamben, where has sunk “liberty”, and also on Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. in coastal waters which can be found in the fish moon. The conditionsfor good diving and the Gili Islands. Universally accepted system of certification by PADI (Professional Association of diving instructors), the operators of which are concentrated in the resort areas of South Bali. We recommend the following places for diving: Continue reading

Diseases of aquarium fish
Aquarium fish, like other living creatures, susceptible to various diseases. If you want the inhabitants of Your aquarium pleasing to the eye, will not only have time to change the…

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Marine biology
Live and learn, dive in and learn! Cruise on marine biology, with biology the Marine Biology College Tondoba Bey. 1. Shark Safari Course description: See sharks with different eyes! This…

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Goldfish Baryshsky enthusiasts
One ton and one hundred kilograms of silver carp-agnoletti launched last week in Kiselevsk pond tenant Sergey Yudin and his colleague, businessman Alexey Bychkov. And this is only the beginning…

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