How to make a pond in the garden

What is a water garden?

Ponds, fountains, streams, waterfalls, cascades, rocker bridges of the chain of ponds that is called a water garden, these structures, you can draw attention to your site. Positioning the water garden preferably in the monitored location. Of course, from an economical point of view, these water gardens better to arrange on barren land.

How to make a plot a natural pond?

Modern technologies and materials allow to make the ponds, the bottom of which is covered with clay or plastic film. With concrete bottom to make the streams, and there to wash the gravel, and you will feel that at the water’s rocky bottom, and even with a running light streams. Don’t forget that ponds require constant attention and care. But if on your site the river flows, then you should sugarcoat it and clean, where you can make a deck over the river, backlight, as well as in the gazebo. Swipe the lights under the water and you will have a inner glow water. Can make the backlight on the water, for example, a floating glowing orbs, they look like water lilies, when the breeze, that will randomly move, it looks very impressive.

On what depth it is necessary to do a reservoir on the site?

The deeper,the better of course. Since the pond will be small and there water will evaporate quickly that can lead to change of water temperature, and this impacts negatively on the health of the fish. In shallow water you can plant beautiful grass, can also plant lilies. The shoreline can take absolutely any, will all depend on your imagination.

How to make a pond?

Most physical effort would require excavation, so find the area of the reservoir of his strength. You should ensure the water resistance, it can be done with special materials, having laid them on the bottom of the pond. The pavement quality is obtained if you are at the bottom lay a synthetic rubber. The pros of it is that it will last a long time, and minus the fact that it’s expensive. She has 20 years warranty, and with good operation up to 50 years. You can use PVC foil, the cost is cheaper, the quality is not very durable.

First remove the top soil layer. You further this excavated land can benefit. Dig the pit so that the walls were at an angle of 45 degrees. Also make sure you have a drain, because during heavy rains the water needs somewhere to blend in.

The rim must be the same on all sides height. For exact calculations use the level. Clean the bottom and the banks of the stones. After winter, the soil begins to walk in different directions. Maleny stone can push and it will damage the film. Cordon off durable plastic roots growing near trees and shrubs, they also can damage the film.

At the bottom of the pit pour a layer of sand about a mm. And then waterproof material cover the sides and bottom of the reservoir. Do not try to straighten every crease is useless. Press the material with something heavy, such as bricks, and can fill your pond. You may need to dip the edges on either side, so don’t buy the material back to back. Somewhere during the week, the pond will settle, and then there is the possibility to check it runs or not. Excess material at the edges can be hidden, having dug a trench at the edges of the pond, fill it with sand, and put beautiful stones.

How to make a waterproofing of a pond, using the clay?

The clay turns into a soft dough when kneaded with water. When the clay layer will fit, it should be a wooden pestle to tamp. After the first coat dries, put the second tamp. Two layers is sufficient if a small permeability of soil. Then clay coat the gravel is one inch, and also tamp, then a layer of sand or fine gravel with a thickness of six inches.

As at the slope to make the pond?

At the slope you can pool partially sunk. At the bottom of the pond you can plant high plants. If you want to build an aboveground pool, it is necessary to provide a convenient approach. To do this, on the one hand to build a terrace with stairs. Next to the stairs to plant shade-loving plants.

As in a plastic pond to find the leak?

To do this you need a bottle of milk, skirting around the pond, drip a bit of milk drops. If you have a leak, then a drop of milk to it gradually stretch. Then pump the water and fill the hole.

How to make a water pond, to be able to breed river ordinary fish?

This pond is not very difficult to do. The pond at the bottom of which is lined with foil or clay, the edges should be laid with natural stone or tiles. They must hang above water about five centimeters. The stones will grind cement mortar. Stack them horizontally, exactly the right level. The gaps between stones can be filled with tile debris or small stones to completely cover the clay or the edges of the film.

Into the reservoir you can run a river of crucians, minnows, bleaks, who fall for the bait when you were fishing. In relation to food, water temperature and chemical composition of the water they are not whimsical. To a large size they will not grow, but your eyes will delight.

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