How many teeth does a white shark?

On the question about the number of teeth of a white shark cannot be answered unequivocally because they are located in several rows. Their number is variable, and depends on the size of the animal, its age. Some time back the tooth is in the gum, taking a vertical position only when the free space because, unlike the teeth of mammals, they do not have long roots and they are able to move about freely in the gums. Upper teeth, by the way, arranged in one row and larger than the lower. But the lower teeth are more acute.

The modern great white shark teeth have a triangular shape and as sharp as blades. Such teeth easily cut through large pieces of meat with large fish or mammals, or to bite prey in half. The porbeagle teeth tone, acute and recurved for grasping and retaining a nimble and slippery prey. In benthic species, feeding on molluscs and crabs, the teeth are thick and blunt – these tools comfortable to chew solid calcareous shell and the shell. The teeth are in the mouth and in the throat of many series – one thousand and even more. Working teeth are in the front row. They easily fall off, and his successor shall be nominated from the depths of the jaws of the all-new series is a real “factory tooth”.

Teeth amelialewis the most terrible of its weapons, although some species of sharks have no teeth,for example, the basking shark. Large hunters such as great white and tiger sharks, the teeth are large, triangular with serrated edges that enhance tenacity and strength. Almost all species of sharks, the teeth are directed inwardly, except for the victim the opportunity to escape from the jaws. In both jaws the teeth grow in rows, constantly renewing, starting from the back row. Shark teeth located in their jaws straight rows, sometimes a thousand or more teeth in a row

Amusing information

White shark media is also known as the great white shark and shark-eater . – a large shark found in coastal surface waters of all the oceans of the Earth. Reaching lengths of 6 metres and a weight of 2250 kg, the great white shark is the largest predatory fish modern. Is the only modern form of a kind of Carcharodon . The first scientific name, Squalus carcharias . gave white shark Carl Linnaeus in 1758. The white shark inhabits all oceans, preferring the coastal areas temperate, continental and insular shelves, usually close to the surface of the water. The white shark has a large head strong conical form. Young sharks feed on small fish, tuna. White sharks are viviparous fish.

Sharks – superorder of cartilaginous fish belonging to the subclass of elasmobranch and has the following distinctive features: elongated body, more or less torpedo-like shape, large heterocercal caudal fin, usually a large number of sharp teeth in each jaw. Like other fish, sharks get the oxygen it needs from water by passing it through the gills. The organs of respiration are branchial pouches, which have internal Gill openings open into the throat, and outer − sides of the head onto the body surface. The senses of different species of sharks are developed to different extent depending on their environment. The spinal cord of sharks is of great functional autonomy. Each species has its own lifespan, and difficult to appreciate it for all the sharks. In General, sharks grow relatively slowly, and in General it can be said that the majority of types live 20 to 30 years. The sharks characteristic of cartilaginous fishes internal fertilization, the primitive uterus and placenta are pretty perfect relationship. The fetus develops in the womb and are born well adapted to independent life − newborn sharks are well-developed musculoskeletal system, digestive system and the senses, allowing yourself to eat and grow a lot. Sharks are distributed in all the oceans and climatic zones. Most of them live in sea water, bull sharks can live in fresh, pretty far swim in the river. In the traditional view of the shark looks a lonely hunter, explores the ocean in search of prey. However, this description applies only to a few species. Create okulomotornyi first appeared about 450 million years ago, but the oldest evidence of shark – teeth fossils are about 400 million years. They were small teeth belonging to individuals of the length, apparently, not more than 30 cm Despite the relative rarity of attacks, fear of them has grown thanks to the descriptions of individual cases, such as the attack at the Jersey shore in 1916, when 4 people died and 1 were injured, as well as literary works and horror films like the film series “Jaws”. Many experts believe that the danger posed by sharks is greatly exaggerated. Most sharks are at the top of the food chain or close to it. Therefore, they play a huge role in the regulation of the number of those species that are hunted.

The great white shark and the killer whale – who is stronger?

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