Goldfish Baryshsky enthusiasts

One ton and one hundred kilograms of silver carp-agnoletti launched last week in Kiselevsk pond tenant Sergey Yudin and his colleague, businessman Alexey Bychkov. And this is only the beginning of a great work on libavastengine ponds and fish breeding in our area that over time will allow one hundred percent to meet the needs of residents in pond fish.

The substitution of imported food for domestic because the entered Western countries ‘ economic sanctions against Russia – one of the most important directions of the state policy, as repeatedly declare the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Governor Sergei Morozov. These measures will allow to ensure food security of the Ulyanovsk region in particular and the country in General.

About the development in the area of fisheries said at a recent meeting with the head of the district administration S. Kochetkova, which was attended by the head of Department of animal husbandry of the Ministry of agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region A. Malyshev and Baryshsky entrepreneurs dealing with agriculture.

Several decades in our area in this field only worked novopecherski known businessman Vladimir V. Fokin. Undoubtedly, his contribution is invaluable. But it’s time to increase the production of pond fish, good, we have good resource base. Povilaitiene tenants of the lands under the waters (recall that by law the water resources cannot be transferred into ownership), ready to deal with the industrial breeding of fish. And if, for example, the head of novodolinskiy recreation “Brotherhood” Vladimir Danilkin focused on recreation, others see the future of their wetlands in industrial fish farming. Some of them are entrepreneurs, Sergey Yudin, and Alexey Bychkov.

Alexey Bychkov for several years rents kotaleski pond. During this time he and his aides have not only brought order to the cluttered coast, but also several times ran into the pond the fry of several fish species. And now there is the bait (fishing with other tackle, which ruthlessly destroy fish is strictly prohibited) caught specimens weighing several kilos.

Sometimes the pond two years ago, was also leased by S. Yudin for 49 years (the maximum term in the lease agreements). With this pond Sergei Nikolaevich bound up with the great plans that he and his companion Alexei Bychkov shared with us.

– Extend the pond occupies 73 hectares, – said S. Yudin. – Here there is all necessary for the industrial fisheries: sufficient area for foraging fish, a good food supply, clean water. With proper management you can get up to a hundred tons of fish per year. Thus, with the ponds V. Fokin and A. Bychkov pond volume fish will be enough to fully meet the needs of the population.

The first steps in this direction, the entrepreneurs did. Last week, Sergey Yudin, and Alexey Bychkov launched in Kiselevsk pond 1100 pounds of fingerlings (the so-called young fish and animal) silver carp. In terms of livestock it is nearly four thousand individuals.

Brought young plants from the ponds by Vladimir Fokin. A tank mounted on a KAMAZ, had to fill segoletki manually. 100 buckets! – calculated rybozavod.

The road from Bacchanal young moved very well. Ribena, which weighs 200 to 300 grams, quickly settled into the new pond. The reeds were only a few dozen carp.

– Transport and release of fish can not do without losses, – said the knowing all the details of pisciculture Vladimir Viktorovich Fokin. – However, they are minimal: if the amount is two or three buckets of fish – minuscule. Also – please note – the majority of carp after a couple of hours I Wake up: the fish just stunned by falling into the water.

Indeed, already after half an hour almost all fish, which could have been mistaken for dead, started to move and go deeper into the pond.

Is the first batch of fish that we brought here, – said Sergei Yudin. – In the near future will refill the pond for another few thousand young.

It’s done great. But even it not the main thing, said the entrepreneurs. We have an idea to develop the business to an industrial scale. Fish valuable fish species will be grown in the special “maps” – the pontoons with underwater nets. In these artificial backwaters and live fish. This system will not allow her to walk around the pond that will allow fish to get first time on the hook and grow to marketable condition.

By the way, the availability of Kiselev pond for fishermen, S. Yudin explained that the tenants are precluded. One condition: do not litter (this applies to all campers) and to fish only on rods. Unfortunately, at the time of rental S. Yudin and his companions had to deal with predatory fishing, when the poachers set the network and “screens”. And once some scoundrels have even used “electrofishing”. Not so much caught, how many killed juvenile fish.

– We say “Welcome!” for the real lovers of fishing, – said S. Yudin. But to the barbarians to be ruthless. Then let don’t take offense.

The other part of development plans extend the pond for his improvement. There are beaches, pavilions and other recreation facilities. Tenants do not have as their purpose the creation of these specialized recreation, such as on the same “Brotherhood” (we will remind that the main task of S. Yudin and his companions – fish farming), but will be somewhere nice and comfortable to spend leisure time.

By the way, Baryshsky entrepreneurs interested in farming, consider the idea of creating your own Association “Association of entrepreneurs”, which was organized by tenants of the forests. This will allow to develop more actively in the area of fish farming.

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