Garden ponds

Pond garden can become not just a highlight of your garden, living as isolated life, it can be the heart of the whole garden composition, around which grow the elements of the landscape, complementing it. It is such and are natural waters, when particular species of plants and animals, and frequently the landscape changes appear as a consequence of the special environment of the pond. To create a garden suitable streams even the most gentle slopes, and any large lawn can be revived by using the water flow and the bounding plant. Where the slope is steep enough, a rapid cascade garden or even real, the majestic waterfall among the rocks could be used to grow a wide variety of plants, including Alpine species that can be planted in dry areas along rocky shores. The fountains add to the garden, noise, movement and sparkling streams. They look great in both natural and ornamental ponds, but more consistent with the style decorative pond. Garden fountains are very diverse – a large bowl with water falling from one Cup to another, or simple trench, producing the soft sound of water flowing in the ballot box. In addition to the many freestanding decorative fountains there are fountains made in natural style, when the water is flowing directly from pebble, milling stones or rocks.

Today, more and more owners of gardens seek to include in the plots planirovochnoj water composition. If this task is included in your intentions, it is important to choose a certain style, and your perception of the reservoir, and other structures of the main garden. Without a doubt, water is essential in gardens of any style and size, but it is especially needed in small gardens, where the reflection of the sky in the water surface will help get rid of the feeling of an enclosed space created by high walls and hedges. When choosing the style of the future reservoir, it is necessary to decide what role to take water, and then consider in what form to implement it.

Water garden

Ponds with natural shapes most harmoniously fit into the natural gardens, in the overall picture of the garden is dominated by plants. This style allows you to fill the pond and coastal area huge number of luxurious plantings of various types, shapes and colors in the rest of the garden will be simply impossible. The water garden will be a refuge for a great many small wild animals such as large beautiful iridescent dragonflies, scurrying over the water, butterflies, vodomery, tadpoles, small fish, small mammals coming to drink. Live the splendor of the water garden will not leave anyone indifferent, paying attention and delaying admiring look. An artificial pond is well suited for a small garden with little lawn or even all paved with stone. An artificial reservoir usually make the correct form – polygonal, but also circular and elliptical, less commonly used arbitrary shape. Finished with this pond is usually the stone. An artificial pond also can decorate a small amount of bright ornamental plants with distinct forms, such as irises and a Nymphaeum. Raised above ground reservoirs, as well as the usual artificial ponds look great in a small paved garden enclosed by a high fence. These decorative ponds visually enlarge the space, reflecting the sky.

The condition of the water in the pond is almost the most important part of the attractiveness of a garden pond. Crystal clear water in the pond is without doubt the dream of many owners of ponds, especially those containing fish. In nature, pure and transparent water is in lakes located in areas with cold climates, e.g. in Northern latitudes, where the water temperature is quite low, so the water does not bloom, and the processes of decay of organic matter are very slow. In our area the water in natural waters muddy, especially in the summer, when water blooms, so that you can enjoy the fish in your pond, amid pure beautiful bottom is lined, for example coloured pebbles, the water in the pond must be filtered and the pond clear of silt accumulated over the bottom and debris floating on the surface. Of course, the first filtration system for a garden pond, which contains fish. In natural waters supported the ecosystem – the natural chemical and biological balance, the number of plants and animals per unit area or volume have reached a certain equilibrium in the evolution process. Another thing in man-made reservoirs, where it is necessary to help life to maintain the necessary balance, especially at high number of fish per unit volume. The fact is that in the process the fish waste accumulates in water much ammonia is very toxic to them. For the conversion of ammonia into harmless nitrogen or nitrates, which are absorbed by aquatic plants, several species of bacteria. The bacteria, in turn, needs a substrate on which they live. In an artificial pond with a relatively high density of fish, of substrate places for the life of bacteria is not enough, therefore, it is necessary to apply system of biological and mechanical filtration. The surface area of biological filter is large enough and the majority of poisonous substances into harmless bacteria in. Works especially well system biomechanical filtration in combination with UV filter. The UV filter is especially necessary in the hot summer months, when the water in the pond warms up enough for active development of blue-green algae – algal blooms and possible night fish kills, besides not everyone like the look of the murky green water in his pond. Hard ultraviolet radiation causes coagulation unicellular algae and they, forming clumps that settle on the filter. To clean the surface of the pond from floating debris, you need to install skimmers, this will protect your pond from rotting at the bottom of the leaves and other debris, the pond will always look clean and groomed.

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