Fish: the benefits and harms

Everyone has the need for protein food, but many prefer instead of meat to fill your diet with different varieties of fish. For those who are close such food as fish, the benefits and harms must be known.

Useful fish

What exactly is the benefit of fish?

Specialists diets, and connoisseurs of the mechanisms of influence on an organism in different food products at all times focused on mandatory eating fish and different seafood. Thanks to the fish in our diets, the body gains the opportunity to be healthier, this is due to the enhancement of the natural regulation of the rate of fats in the blood, and effective control of the pressure. If you eat sufficient amounts of fish dishes, together with this specific prevent diabetes, decreases the likelihood of headaches, become more healthy joints, ease the process of arthritis. The high concentration of fatty acids called omega-3, allows you need a way to thin the blood, which is a natural obstacle to the formation of blood clots. Fish in General can not be called a fat product since it is known that most fatty species include about 25-30% fat, and easily digestible. Everyone needs to understand that fish is eaten by us, or rather, the protein from that product, is processed and is completely absorbed in just one and a half, two hours max. If you eat beef, its assimilation organismul to do about five hours. It will not hurt to know some more interesting data: in a hundred grams of beef protein is present (19%), fat (9,5%), substance carbohydrates (0,4%), the calorific value is equal to 166 units. For comparison, similar characteristics of gold portions of river fish, which contains protein (15,9%), fat (2.5%) and a small percentage of carbohydrates (0,1%), the calorific value is equal to the unit 91.

The use of marine fish

The use of river fish

Available to us in the form of fresh river fish is significantly cheaper than the sea. With this product the body is full of many useful trace elements, replenishes supply of proteins, and they are easily digested.


The salmon family includes species of fish: trout, salmon, chum, pink salmon. It is believed that the frequent consumption of these fish due to the deceleration of the aging process, helps to avoid diseases of the cardiovascular system, increases visual acuity. Elderly people with the necessary substance included in the red salmon the flesh.

Fish: can benefit and harm


In the cod family is the burbot, cod, haddock, Pollock, hake. It is the best cod are famous for their nutritional qualities. Pregnant women need to eat fish these species. All useful the liver of cod fish. Fish from this family is full of proteins, phosphorus, vitamins, calcium.


Low fat product suitable for dietary purposes, is a fish of the perch family, which includes perch, walleye. That fish abound in microelements, proteins. Sea bass it is useful to eat due to the high content of the amino acid taurine, a large volume of minerals, the presence of vitamin V.


In the family Cyprinidae carp included himself, as well as the popular fish is carp. These types of fish take to alleviate the diseases of the thyroid gland. Substances included in the composition of fish has a positive effect on the musculoskeletal apparatus, the skin and mucous membranes.


Fish: herring, sardines, belonging to the family of mackerel, are rich in easily assimilable fat is 33%. This product power you can get significant dose of vitamins A, D, E, and many trace elements.


By eating pike body gets doses of natural antiseptic. The constant use of fish-pike helps to resist infections and viruses. Low calorie pike is marketed as a dietary product comprising only 3% fat.

In some cases, fish insalubrious?

With regards to marine fish it is fair to say that the average consumer is low, the odds of finding a really high quality product among frozen food. Repeated freezing and thawing provokes a complete loss of nutrients.

Lovers of river fish should be extremely cautious due to the fact that it is considered less clean, unlike the sea. This statement was born out of the peculiar environment of its habitat, which is prone to contamination, defeat heavy metals, saturation of the radionuclides, pesticides, which, of course, applies to local living things.

Notice that there is sold in modern retail outlets of fish, a considerable percentage of the product grown with the participation of hormonal drugs. Often, farmed fish is observed unnatural pale tint, because the sale occurs artificially colored fish. It is clear that these measures do not add to product value.

Sometimes, in marine and in freshwater fish is found dangerous mercury, different radioactive substances, harmful metals, organochlorine compounds. Carcinogenic effects of these substances on the body may not imply use.

Unfortunately, the water part of the planet is full of a significant amount of contaminants, therefore, to determine the safety or usefulness of the fish can be difficult. Characteristics of fish as a food product, completely dependent on its content and purity of this environment.

If eaten fish, the benefits and harms from it may be obtained. Therefore, it will not hurt to have a valuable habit to refer to any species of fish very carefully and purchase these products where higher probability of freshness, quality.

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