Fish of the Black sea, the black sea shark Katran

Mackerel is a common and very important fish for the fishery. It is small, silver with a dark back and a barbed bone nail file along the sideline. Mackerel overwinter in the deep, going in large schools, spawn all summer. To the shore suitable only at the end of October, because they prefer cool water.

Mullet – the most unpretentious of our commercial fish. Spawns in the coastal zone to a depth of 75 meters, however, can proliferate in the open sea. Withstands water temperatures from 0.5 to 38°C, salinity to 80 g per liter, but lives in polyprenol water. Tolerate the lack of oxygen in the open sea swims, even in the deeper layers with “rotten water” and hydrogen sulfide bacteria. Mullet indifferent to polluted water and often winters in the ports under jetty. Its meat, unfortunately, begins to smell of fuel oil.

Fish-bed boppers – master to change the colour and even the patterns of his skin, repeating pattern and color of the soil. Floating over a familiar bottom, flounder disguises itself in just a few seconds. To select a color for the new background, take a lot more time, however, expanding and compressing the special pigment cells on their side, it can adapt even to the chessboard.

The mullet, no bigger than a mackerel, but of a different form – boiled, with two extending from the lower lip “mustache”. With their help, she digs in the sand, usually on nebolshuyu; it can be seen through the mask, floating on the surface.

There is, unfortunately, off our shores and dangerous marine animals. The most dangerous fish of the Black sea is considered a sea pet dragon . He lives on the bottom, paludariums in the sand. The size of a small dragon, similar to horse mackerel and, unfortunately, also sometimes comes across the bait. Shooting fish with your bare hand, it is possible to prick. At the injection site, arm is swollen, you should immediately consult a physician. To sick days do after this injection from several days to several months.

Not very pleasant and meeting with the sea cat from the family of stingrays. Trapped, wounded and even just disturbed, sea cat with surprise the lazy rabies bends and beats the offender by the tail, which has, for such cases a poisonous thorn. The consequences are very bad, as from the prick of a dragon. However, it does not frighten fishermen, and sea cat you will most likely not see in the sea and at the fish counter.

The black sea shark Katran .

But the black sea shark Katran harmless to humans. Unlike most fish, sharks have a soft cartilage skeleton. Per person Katran does not attack ever. In General, the danger posed by any sharks, because of their exaggerated terrify ing mind and a monstrous extravagance. The pain of it almost feels, and killing her is difficult due to the small size of the brain, which should not get.

Beluga – the largest ever caught fish of the Black and Azov seas, some fish weigh up to two tons. But this cases are exceptional. Even in instances of 100-200 pounds – in the past. Very tasty and valuable meat of sturgeon were exported even in Hellenistic times. Sturgeon are smaller, but the taste is not worse. Especially prized sturgeon black caviar. Sturgeon is even smaller and cheaper but still quite expensive, and sold as a delicacy. All three species belong to the family of sturgeons have a cartilaginous skeleton and in the Black and Azov seas are “loop through” – that is, live in the sea, to spawn and swim upstream of the rivers. The fry grow in fresh water, it is easier and safer. Then, sturgeon juveniles in the sea floating away.

The perch is a catadromous fish of the perch family, up to 12 kg weight. For spawning rises in the rivers. Last perch are often caught on fishing rods and was shot from underwater rifles, especially in the sea of Azov. Now this catch is considered a rarity.

Well settled in the Black sea far East mullet – pelingas.

Fry the flounder is not very different from the fry of other fish species. But, after spending six weeks at the water surface, it sinks in deep enough to go right side on the bottom. Where his right eye moves to the left side, and ventral fin moves to the side.

And poisonous marine ruff (the Scorpion), so before you gut and clean it, you have to cut dangerous thorns.

In the Black sea, compared to tropical seas, very few dangerous animals.

Of the 250 species of sharks living in the oceans, definitely dangerous only 50. Of them killed worldwide, 30 to 35 people a year. In the case of crambe, the danger is not to us, and to him, roast him very appetizing.

The ancestors of modern sharks appeared in the oceans 350 million years ago when sea had a very different shape. Fossils of shark skeletons find now thousands of miles away from the modern oceans, on continents, on which in those days was lapping waves.

Mackerel is born in the sea of Marmara and comes to live in our seas. More fresh water in the Black and Azov seas ROE mackerel sinking.

Sometimes in the Black sea to hunt tuna is enormous (up to 3-4 m), a valuable food fish.

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