Decorative catfish – your humble bottom friend for long years

Spotted catfish is the most popular decorative representative large-scale armored catfish. This is a very hardy, strong and peace-loving fish-worker, which is easily diluted.

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The history and description of the breed

The content of fish in the aquarium has continued for a century. For the first time this breed was registered in Paris in 1876. Remarkably, this pet was the first of those who are able to build and start to keep in captivity. In nature these fish live in shallow water, near coastal strip. They do not like fast currents and depths.

Comfortable conditions for fish are in the presence of a velvety silty soils and relatively high temperature environment. The traditional Constitution of the body – surround convex back and flat abdomen.

Bone specimens are in the form of plates, resembling shingles, which are flush with each other. That is why the breed belongs to the family of crustacea. The vast majority of this breed of fish is missing scales.

Decorative catfish – dear peace-loving creatures who coexist without conflict with other Pets. This fish has always been loved and revered by hobbyists. Fish completely unpretentious in whodey feeding. Sitting down in the aquarium, you can not worry about the safety of the lives of Pets-the old-timers that live in it.

Of course, they are not stunningly beautiful, but they have their undeniable advantages in front of many relatives. Before buying a pet please note that this view shows the activity in the evening and at night, and may leave the container.

Therefore, you should take care to cover the fish and create a safe environment. Some varieties are remarkable for their manner of spawning: more caring and loving parents are hard to find among all aquatic fauna!

Types of aquarium catfish

The collection is quite extensive, and includes a variety of breeds that differ in color, shape, body structure, and even the length of the specific “accessories” – mustache.

The favorite species of aquarists have become such common catfish, as:


Striped platyderus;



Corydoras Rabaute;

The black-striped corydoras bond;


The synodontis.

Among fans of the most common speckled catfish, because it has an interesting color and a neat addition. His body is painted in a beautiful Golden-pink color, gradually turning into a coffee tone at the base.

The body of the fish generously dotted with contrasting zig-zag patterns and spots. Another valuable feature of pet is its unmatched durability and lifespan. With proper care the fish can live in your home for 15 years!

Catfish tarakathum of his body consists of two rows of densely pressed to each other plates. He has three pairs of whiskers and pointy fins. The male of Taraxacum is an incredibly caring father. He builds a foam nest on the water surface using bubbles of sticky mucus, which are not destroyed within a few days.

Before spawning it actively collects pieces of plants to hold the nest to the water column. In the end, schools turn out a very large, up to 4 cm after Preparing housing for young, tarakathum himself pursues and fertilizes the female.

Then “the father” conveys the eggs in the spawning area, immediately fertilizing them milk in the supine position. All the while spawning it fast and jealously guards the offspring, attacking any approaching objects. Drop down the fry he picks up and puts into place himself.

Indian glass catfish is a schooling fish stunning beauty with one pair of antennae, and a fully transparent body with beautiful iridescence. This is the most original and unusual representative of the somovs, quite a rare breed that is hard to breed.

Golden catfish has a characteristic name color with marked greenish tint. Platyderus striped – catfish, framed by sharp radial fins. Along his body is a bright stripe with contrasting transverse element.

This breed, despite nocturnal, likes to observe what is happening around and during the day, hiding in the leaves. And catfish, called ” synodontis “, an extraordinary habit to eat belly up. Its color resembles the color of the Dalmatians.

Interesting facts about aquarium catfish

Regardless of species, all of ornamental fish have interesting features:

Coup. Soma often roll over on his back for different purposes: eating, fertilization of eggs, rest;

The area clean. These fish are considered common water attendants, dispose of waste from the bottom;

Intestinal breathing. Almost all representatives of this type have intestinal breathing, so they often float to the surface, to get ordinary atmospheric air;

Sounds. Some individuals make strange noises while eating and all other circumstances. That’s really about whom, but about the catfish not to say that they are silent!;

Structure. Almost all representatives have an original leaf structure. And breakaway com bone armor;

Long life. For catfish the typical life expectancy of 9-15 years. During this time, they can become true members of your family!

Decorative catfish is the best choice for you if you are looking for a kind and peaceful silent companion for years to come.

You will never be disappointed in his purchase, because this form is so easy to care for and fun to watch! Thanks to the new favorite of your aquarium will be filled with new colors and a magic atmosphere!

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