Dangerous fish of the red sea

Tourists sing the Red sea, because it is famous for its pure and pleasant spaces for each climate. That is why to him in Africa people come from all sorts of countries.

And although tourism in Africa is developing and progressing, it should be understood that the depths of the sea pose all sorts of danger for holidaymakers. In particular, it is a dangerous fish in the Red sea, which is so attractive as it is poisonous.

In the Red sea knowingly develops diving, as there are stunning underwater scenery – endless coral reefs, white Sands and colorful local inhabitants. And if to observe the flora is nice and secure, certain representatives of fauna can turn the vacation into a prolonged sick leave, and even lead to tragedy. So every trip to an exotic country must be accompanied by a careful study not only of local customs and natural conditions and dangers.

Yet it should be understood that not so many large sharks will be able to bring fear to the rest, how many smaller fish that will serawat between the reefs and in the sand, and not far from the shore. They are usually much more dangerous, since attracted by the beautiful color and are found near the beaches.

Dangerous fish of the red sea. Precautions

Among the inhabitants of the red sea there are major openyershat:


lionfish (Zebra fish);


In presenting the dangers of the sea, many people remember best about sharks that is just a result of ignorance. Yes, in the waters of the red sea there are various kinds of sharks, some smaller and quieter, some quite large, sometimes an impressive amount. However, sharks rarely attack tourists on their own.

You can often see reef sharks, the size of which is up to two meters and a bit more. It is usually found only on settled areas, guarding the borders, however, contact with people not looking for.

But seeing temopary gray shark should be avoided, as it is very hostile, and often too curious. In Egypt, you can see silvertip shark, which is considered the most dangerous at the local resorts.

The most bloodthirsty in the Red sea called the great white shark, then in this rating-is the tiger shark, closes the top three hammerhead shark, the teeth of which are sharp and numerous.

Not to end up in the jaws of one of them, should as far as possible from them to bathe. It is especially recommended to avoid night cruises, as at this time, shark hunting. When forced to an encounter with the predator don’t try to swim away or to scare her, better face and behavior show your friendliness.

When a shark attack occurs, it is approaching the circles, and then you can swim to her, to strike her blows to the nose, using the fist, foot or existing objects (e.g., Luggage). Then grab her by the fin and swim around. So you can wait for help, or the shark will swim away.

Lionfish are beautiful fish, their colours bright, pink shades, numerous fins resemble the wings of luxury. However, they have poisonous needles, to get an injection which can instantly. Venom is fatal to humans, although the dose for fatal cases, should be impressive.

In any case, from this shot the tourist will feel significant pain, which can lead to shock or fainting. As a result of poisoning by the venom of the lionfish, the person feels cramps, disturbed to the same heartbeat. In the very same place damage sometimes occurs gangrene.

The main precaution is to avoid contact in sea the lionfish, do not need to be near her and to provoke. If it is already pricked, the wound cleaned and disinfected. The poison can be neutralized using hot water to keep the body damaged on the period of time up to one and a half hours. After that is fixed compressive bandage, and the victim is sent to a qualified doctor.

Among the rocks and reefs inhabited by eels, which with its long body resemble snakes. They have a mouth with an uncountable number of sharp teeth, are aggressive predators with quick response, so for humans are dangerous. After meeting with them you can easily lose a finger or get seriously injured, also be aware that these fish are seized, not open her jaws to death.

They rarely emerge from their nooks and crannies, to attack the person. Morays watch the passing a number of tourists, telling their terrible views on the protection of the territory and never attack, if not annoy them.

Morays can withstand photography, but they will not tolerate penetration in their holes. Also, do not in front of them waving his arms, especially if the fingers have rings, because shiny objects can provoke them.

Bite the eels could easily lead to a big infection, as jaw they have contaminated. So be sure the wound is washed with antiseptics, after which the visit to the doctor compulsory.

In addition to these fish dangerous for tourists you can imagine, and such inhabitants of the red sea:


groupers (groupers);

Pregolya soma;

ocean verrucosa (stonefish);

the sea urchin;



starfish akantaster (crown of thorns);




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