Choose fish abundance to double your income

Fish have always been highly revered in China not only then that the Chinese word ” Yu ” has two meanings: “fish” and “abundance”, but also because the fecundity of fish made it a symbol of fertility. Happy fish in their waters, so the fish was also an emblem of conjugal happiness and harmony.

To symbol bring you luck, you can keep the fish in the aquarium or in the pond or eat fish on holidays, such as Chinese New year. The Chinese, if they are certainly not Buddhists, and hence, not vegetarians, and still eat the fish or keep it in the aquarium. I abandoned fresh fish, which is held in restaurants in aquariums, then to cook it. My friends are Buddhists told me that if a creature is killed and eaten by, that person that ate this food in the future will be to pursue failure. I came to the conclusion that the live fish or fish in the house is the best way to awaken the luck of plenty. Moreover, the daily feeding of the fish creates positive karma, and therefore brings greater wealth.

Almost all fish species, have favorable color, can create horsepen Shui, although much depends on their temperament and habits. However, there are certain rules for placing images of fish or fish-tank in the house. The first secret is the breed and the number of fish in the aquarium, the second is the choice of the most favourable for fish throughout the house. As in the case of other lucky creatures, you must arouse energy favorable sector and to avoid adverse unintended activation of qi energy.


Make sure that the size of the aquarium is correct. Balance is essential: if the aquarium is too small, it will not bring the desired result; if too bulky, the excess water in a small room may cause new problems. You can symbolically “drown” in a large amount of water. Make sure that the water in the aquarium was always oxygenated and clean. It brings precious Yang energy that support the health of your fish. If some of your fish died and you don’t know why, replace them with new ones and spend the course of treatment. Don’t worry about the dead fish, simply read a prayer for the repose of her soul. According to legend, the dead fish helped you to avoid misfortune. However, often the cause of their death is water quality. Sometimes when you add new fish to the aquarium, the old can start to die until you change at least half of the water in the aquarium. However, if the fish that happily swam in the aquarium and have been completely healthy, suddenly begin to die without any apparent reason, it can serve as a bad omen, misfortune shall befall you in the near future.

The number of fish

The number nine symbolizes the harmony between heaven and earth. You should keep eight red, gold or silver-red fish and one black. The combination of eight fish and one color Yang color Yin will provide you with not only prosperity, but also protection against loss and betrayal. If you intend to keep more than nine fish, their number should be red nine. However, if you want to have fish arrowana, remember that most suits her Northern sector. If you want to have more than one arowana, number five for this case is the most favorable.

Arawana, or fish Dragon

In recent years, tropical arowana. or fish Dragon, became widely known not only as a symbol, can attract wealth, but also as a good defender. The shape and color of this amazingly beautiful fish vary depending on habitat. Wanting to keep arrowana have to be very careful: only good for those fish whose scales are pink, gold or silver shades. These fish are expensive, maintaining them also takes a lot of money since they need to feed live fish, shrimps and worms. However, I strongly advise you to follow my example and to try to accustom arowana there is a special fish balls, since the use of live food bad for your karma.


The Chinese word “Kum Yu” has two meanings: “the Golden fish” and “gold in abundance”. That is why the goldfish is a constant symbol of wealth in the art of Feng Shui. If you use goldfish to increase your capital, choose fed or red goldfish. For this purpose is very suitable specially bred Japanese bright red routine. Logology Chinese variety with silvery scales and bright red head also is fine. When selecting black fish make sure the fish swims smartly and it is absolutely black without any spots.

Keep goldfish in the aquarium, equipped with a water filter and oxygenator to maintain energy in the water Jan. It is strongly recommended to place the aquarium on the floor so that you could look at the fish from top to bottom. To achieve the most favorable effect bringing prosperity put the vessel with water in the Northern part of the garden or room; also ideal Eastern and South-Eastern parts. Never place an aquarium with gold fish in the southern part of your home. Placed in the South, the gold fish does more harm than good.

Remember that under any circumstances you don’t have to put together different kinds of fish; they can’t coexist with each other. One species of fish may show cannibalistic tendencies in relation to another!

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