Catching carp in small bets

Fishing for carp in the rates of course is the main form of the desired perhaps fishing for most anglers steppe zone. So consider – what are the characteristics of carp in the ponds, and also – as on the artificial pond to spend time fun. It all depends on the characteristics of the water body, the quality of care for the pond and how much the owner cares about the future of the pond and replenish fish stocks today.

Previously, the collective rate was used mainly for its intended purpose – fish and then catch it in accordance with national economic plans, while the fish population is always maintained at an adequate qualitative and quantitative level. Now the situation is somewhat different.

Private-rented water management serve as a source of cash income derived from fees for recreational fishing and catch those fish stocks which have been accumulated previously. Today often meet the situation where the catch comes to a complete zero, as temporary “owner” is not interested in tomorrow.

More precisely, the Outlook for the next 1-3 years are clear to him, and what will be in 5 – 10 years with little interest in the reservoir. Costly and troublesome replenishment of fish stocks and breeding fish, especially silver carp, are taken to learn to not many bets. Now in the southern areas, catch carp with a weight of 100-300g. (yearlings) has become as rare as if it is about the hunt for the “Blue Bird”.

However there are cases and not so depressing, for example, in units of reservoirs periodically in one season fishing is prohibited – “started fry of carp!” But unfortunately, such ponds must be sought. Of course, the roots of the situation lie in the complex jungle of privatisation and legislation, in the current governance structure of the farms… Well, okay, let’s try to understand what is good and what is not left on the artificial ponds for fishing enthusiasts.

In ponds no fish

Firstly, the pond has the head, charging a fee for fishing and care about the condition of the pond. At first glance, is good. Really often you can find the boat station and fishing sites are equipped with clutches and other things, Parking lots, regular cleaning of garbage, there are other external signs of prosperity. But they can just simply hide the lack of fish in the pond itself.

At this pond, anglers can catch some crucians is that, while he was advertised of the fishing for carp and the payment was drawn. However, it helps to speak with several fans of fishing, located on the shore, and the General situation becomes clearer. Not only need to forget that fashion is 90-ies, when fish are caught by all possible means and completely removed, the pond should be somehow privatised, has not yet passed.

The monotony of reservoirs

Secondly, small stakes steppe zone – as twin brothers . all with the same flat silty bottom, the same depth around the pond and the same fish population. Near here live carp silver carp (farmed eater tiny algae), as well as crucian carp, carp, Rudd, sometimes the roach and gudgeon, even more rarely, in favorable waters – perch, pike and Zander.

This makes fishing in different ponds very similar and boring. An exception to the General pattern is that are some artificial ponds, made in deep rocky ravines, valleys with rugged coastline, and the bottom gates of clay, stone and sand. In such reservoirs it is interesting to look for promising areas, or catching carp on float tackle below the cliffs. In other fishing does not differ a special variety, interesting for fishing you need to look for a basin with characteristics.

Fish fed

Thirdly it is worth noting that in the former the old fishery, where the catch is not fully made, and can now be found really a lot of very large carp. His over-weight was promoted as having rich natural forage in muddy and grassy bottom and artificial feeding.

Before good collective tone was considered bulking waste at the rates of wheat or other condition of the rural production trucks, and now the fish in the rates tied to a specific village, fed, albeit not in such large numbers. On the one hand the presence of carp, which in size much larger than their wild contemporaries it well.

Homemade carp is not interesting

But where fed the fish, the fishing will be ruined completely, and about feeding the fishermen-lovers not reported, and this fact can be detected only by chance on a large amount of wheat in a breaking wave, or the piles of rotting waste on the shore. Usually forage in large quantities is poured out in the midst of the summer fishing then the carp, if he have, no longer actively fished for 2 – 3 months. Therefore, in the study of rural rate, the first thing in all possible ways to find out about feeding fish in this pond.

And fourth it is known that in malicorne unkempt places, wild carp and common carp, a much more careful, faster and smarter . than their fellow-fed pond in the farm.

To catch a carp betting (if he’s generally there and a little hungry) usually is easy. Interestingly, in the field of fish farming, the locals learned to catch the carp “across the road” without leaving a masking plantations, using the rope as a fishing line and a tee planted with corn. Got the instance and covers to fit over the reed and dividing of the land.

In a conventional carp pond, where carp grow to harvest, you can always attract the floats 2 pack – 3 year carp, constantly throwing bait, with it, falling on top of hot barley pound carpeta cling to both hook not tricky fishing rod. But such fishing is already of no interest.

Another thing fishing for carp somewhere on the extensive reservoir or river estuaries, where there is a lot of work… So in the farm pond to catch carp in large numbers, and that’s a plus, but fishing for carp in a typical rate can be reduced to routine work, and this is the biggest drawback. But, nevertheless, we, the fans of fishing, is always interested to explore new reservoir and apply their methods of fishing.

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