Carp in garden pond

To grow and breed carp or goldfish in the pond, even of small size, at his cottage – it is absolutely real!

Carp and carp are unpretentious representatives of the fish: they thrive and produce offspring in shallow warm without currents or with a small presence of reservoirs.

Yes, of course, well, if the pond is already there (the dam on the stream, fire pond, some fenced and cleared the drainage channel, etc.). And if there is none? In this case, the pond fish in the country you can dig up yourself. The recommended ponds reservoirs depth from 0.9 to 1.5 m and size 6 x 4 m. water In it will be a good warm up to a temperature of 24 to 26°, it will be the most favorable for pond fish in the garden felt quite comfortable. In this artificial reservoir may well be able to live a few dozen crucians up to 400 g and a couple carp bigger than that.

Before starting the fish in the pond, it is necessary to equalize the temperature of the water in the container in which you brought her, with the water temperature in the pond. And here you shouldn’t rush: better to wait a couple of hours by placing the container with fish directly into the pond. Because the difference of only a few degrees can cause a temperature shock, and your goldfish and carp are not proivate days.

Feeding fish

What to feed the carp

Of course fish farming in the country in a small pond and provides for her feeding. In General, crucian carp and carp – fish are quite picky and are omnivores. In addition to earthworms, and various insect larvae, fish can be fed steamed grains of legumes and cereals. Carp and crucian carp, which reached the weight of 150 g, they are happy to eat. If you have a feed for poultry or pigs, he will go too. To make this kind of food in the pond is better in the form of a thick dough, after kneading it first in the pelvis.

To carp at the cottage was successful, feed it should be no more than 2 times a day, at the same time, in the space provided. Some owners even ringing the bell. This approach to feeding carp produces a conditioned reflex: the fish quickly finds the abandoned food, the better it digests, and the food does not have time to sour in the water. Always be aware that, the lower the water temperature, the less feed the carp need.

Caring for fish

If the summer is hot, the water level in the pond decreases, and the number of fish should be reduced. The main symptom of overpopulation is the lack of oxygen in the water: the fish rises to the surface and grabs air through the mouth. In addition, fish in the country by mid-summer eats almost nothing.

Breeding of carps in the pond near her house, and even in this small in size, is designed to harvest before frost. Leave carp in the pond until the spring is risky – it under the ice may not be enough oxygen. In the spring, earlier than you release into the pond of carp and crucian carp, the more weight they gain by the end of the season.

How to cook carp?

Dishes from carp

And now a little about delicious! Many have heard how to smoke fish in the country . but not many have come to do it yourself. There are two ways of Smoking: cold and hot. The process of Smoking is the impregnation of fish or meat with smoke. To organise Smoking of fish in the country . it is necessary, first of all, to learn the essence of this process, the technology process of Smoking, and then all the necessary for the Smoking process you can do yourself or purchase. You can use lots of different spices and seasonings.


Salting fish

Regardless of the choice of the method of Smoking fish is salted. Placed in the salting of fish both raw and processed. It is better to handle the fish to remove the gills and gut. Cleaned from the scales is not necessary. Fish with scales is better, and the skin by eating fish easily comes away from the meat. As for salting fish, there are contradictory recommendations. Some gourmets argue that for normal salting enough one table spoon of salt per kilogram of carp, salt fish should have a complete rest for at least five hours. Other fans are strongly recommended for one kg of fish, about 100 g of salt and survive carp under the yoke for 15 hours in a cool place. Others say that the fish would be placed for five hours in the brine with 10% salt content. IMHO never hold the fish in a 12% salt solution for 15 days.

But we should always remember that even the biggest fish can be salted for 24 hours. For that, it is completely filled with salt in stainless and oxidized ware and pressed the yoke to dip the fish into the brine. As oppression can be used even boulder, which turns into a plastic film. The next day the fish is removed from the brine, washed and hung in the shade for wilting and drying. Well washed and salted fish smells and flies on it, as a rule, do not sit down. But still it is better to protect from annoying insects. Dry fish is essential to remove excess moisture, then it is better prokoptilos. Usually enough for one day, depending on weather.

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Carp in garden pond
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