Aquarium fish: How to choose and contain?

Have you tried to meditate? Not necessarily so, as do the followers of Eastern practices. Meditate on the fire, the water, the sounds of the forest and… aquarium fish! Experienced breeders of these water claim that their Pets relieve stress as well as any Spa treatments or massage . Do not fish themselves, of course, and the enchanting and soothing sight that can be observed in slightly illuminated aquarium in the evening. But aquarium fish – care. The article gives tips who want to create a aquarium.

Home aquarium: advice on the content of fish

I dream to have aquarium fish, but do not know how to do it correctly? Tips look for the article!

Keeping and breeding fish were doing in Ancient China. There is aquariums used outdoor pools where the carp were located. Today, fish farming can afford one only under one condition: this person has a strong desire to spend time on fish and care for them. However, it became much easier. The fact is that in specialized shops not only sells everything you need, but are selected, assembled, transported and installed. New owner of a fish only feeding and caring for the aquarium. Moreover, if desired, and atomea can help.

What you need to know?

• The aquarium is considered to contain several species of fish. So from the outset it is necessary to consider what kinds of fish, in what conditions can contain (freshwater or marine, in heavily salted water or slightly warm or cold).

• It is better to settle in one aquarium fish of similar size, then there will be fewer chances of occurrence of aggression.

• When choosing fish it is necessary first to explore: the color should be bright, on the body should be free of spots or bruises, the scales should be tight.

• In the choice of the number of fish should be based primarily on the size of the aquarium, while taking into consideration that it will soil and plants.

• You must remember about oxygen, since the number of possible inhabitants depends on water saturation.

Before you buy fish, we should determine the aquarium, as after buying the new tenants will need to immediately settle.

Essential components of the aquarium are:

• heater with temperature controlled water;

• the water drain hose;

• nets.

All the aquariums are divided into small (up to 300 l), medium (300 to 700 l) and large (over 700 litres). Here the main criterion would be the ability to install an aquarium that size in your home. Of course, the bigger the aquarium, the better fish seem, but not when it is placed in the pantry or on the balcony.

The soil in the aquarium plays a significant role. It grows a variety of underwater plants, fish use it as a field for recreation or games, and in the most natural and favorable situations exactly where they spawn. Therefore, the soil also need to pick very carefully. It is best to take already prepared and treated with primer in the shop. It is not recommended to take the bright river sand, as the reflection of light can cause the fish discomfort. The granular filler may also bring trouble: the inhabitants of the aquarium can just hurt.

Overall best filling for the aquarium to choose a different size. This can be a special and artificial soil, and natural sea stones and shells. It should also be planted in the aquarium plants.


Fish species are many, but many of them capricious and difficult for maintenance.

The beginner can be advised that such a group of warm-water fish:

• mosquitofish

• guppy,

• swordsman,

• plyatipetsiliya,

• zebrafish,

• makropody,

• spotted gourami,

• gourami blue,

• callint.

Guppies – the most popular, fresh, unpretentious fish among this group. About 5 cm long. Omnivorous.

Gourami – its name got turned into a long thread rays of the pelvic fins – they serve as tactile organs in muddy water. In the aquarium rarely exceed a length of 10 cm.

Marine aquariums

Huge popularity of marine aquariums. They contain tropical fish, which in nature are mainly found in the coral reefs.

As mentioned earlier, when selecting the fish for this aquarium should be mindful of the conformity of their dimensions. A simple solution can serve as a check-fish belonging to the same family. For example, Hirurgiya (Yellowtail zebrasoma, American surgeon fish, Striped Chenoweth, etc.). These fish have bright color, and almost all have spikes that are on the sides of the caudal peduncle. Themselves will not attack, if not to plague.

Gets along fine with other fish Amphiprion-clown. This is a very peaceful fish that gets its name from the unusually bright coloring. Maximum size: 11 cm There is still a large number of fish that are kept in aquariums (even sharks), but to pick them newcomers themselves will be difficult. After all, you need to know all the nuances (as contained as behaved, are there any features). So, of course, the best solution would be a joint selection of aquarium and fish with a professional.

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