Animals of the Black sea

In the Black sea is almost not found dangerous to humans – animals. Those are just a few of the inhabitants of the Black sea that could bring You into trouble.

Medusa, remember, it is better not to touch, especially large ones. The most dangerous jellyfish Aurelia and kornerot. Kornerot has a fleshy dome and a heavy beard of thick tentacles that try to circumnavigate them, but honestly, nettle burns stronger than kornerot. Another major black sea Medusa Aurelia, Its stinging cells weaker, the skin on the body they do not penetrate, but burn the mucous membranes of the eye or the edge of the lip can hurt Aurelia. If the child touched the jellyfish, even a dead – rinse his hands – there may be stinging cells, and if then he would RUB their eyes, it will burn.

Be afraid of fish sea perch (sea Scorpion), it looks a real monster – big head covered with protuberances, horns, bulging red eyes, huge mouth with thick lips. The rays of the dorsal fin transformed into a sharp spines, which, when disturbed, spreads, at the base of each beam – toxic-iron. Notice the sea perch is difficult, they lurk between the rocks, under the seaweed, and, like all bottom fish, change color to the color of their environment, can quickly lighten or darken depending on light conditions. Well, if You noticed, we do not touch, much more interesting than lying on the surface of the water to see through a mask for his hunt.

RANIT thorns sea perch cause burning pain, the injections is red and swollen, and then General malaise, temperature. The victim spines ruff – needs to go to the doctor.

Weeverfish. Elongated, similar to a snake, with a large angular head, bottom fish. Like other benthic predators, the dragon has bulging eyes on the top of the head and a huge, greedy mouth. Sea dragon (sometimes the fishermen call it – snake) prefers soft soils, sand, silt, in which it buries itself, waiting for prey – small fish, above the bottom remain only his watchful evil eye. Sensing the danger, dragon, spreading a black fan of the dorsal fin, five rays of which the poisoned spines. Another poisonous thorn grows backward from the Gill cover. When you vacation on the Black sea people occasionally stepping on buried in the sand prickly dragons, but our black sea beaches, such cases have not yet been. Fishermen are sometimes injured when caught in his net or line fishing. The consequences of the poisonous prick of a dragon – much more serious than in the case of Scorpion fish, but the treatment is the same.

In the Black sea is home to stingrays: Stingray (sea cat) sea Fox. Stingrays – relatives of sharks, they also belong to the cartilaginous fish: the spine and ribs, and the skull of cartilage. The sides of the Stingray there – only the back and belly, top and bottom. Stingrays do not attack people. They live on the bottom, at the bottom of the find and the food – clams, crabs; therefore the mouth they shifted under a flat head, and eyes and spiracles – Gill slits are on top. Remember most importantly, don’t try to catch the Stingray, especially grabbing the tail. The Stingray uses its tail as a weapon. On his tail is a thorn, its edges are very sharp, and besides, serrated along the blade, the bottom side – groove, which can see the dark venom of poisonous glands on the tail. If you hurt lying on the bottom of the ramp, he hits the tail like a whip, he ottapalam their spines and can inflict deep chopped wound. The wound from the kick of the ramp, treated like any other. Fortunately, stingrays are timid, afraid of the noise, trying to swim away from swimmers and there, where bathe children, they are not.

Children often ask – do crabs bite? Do not bite, and plucked – not teeth, which they have, and claws. And only when we ourselves try to grab them. Large, marble crab, or stone crab can pinch your finger very painful, if it still grabbed You, never pull it – tear off the claw. Crabs let go of their paws and claws, as well as the lizard – its tail. It is better to just leave him alone, he unhooked himself.

If You or Your child received the injuries from marine life then you must do the following:

Wounds should be treated as a normal scratch, i.e. clean water rinse, process disinfecting agents (iodine, brilliant green, etc.)

If symptoms of poisoning poison, immediately contact your doctor.

The main symptoms of poisoning with poison marine life – local inflammation (where pricked) and General allergic reaction, possibly with high fever.

If you can not quickly consult a doctor, the only pills that can help are anti-Allergy (antihistamine) drugs – remember that you need to adhere strictly to the instructions for use of tablets, which apply to all of the drugs. Although, deaths from stings and pricks of black sea inhabitants is not known, but may be severe allergic reaction in predisposed people.

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